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Older for younger swf or sbf Looking for a younger woman to have fun with from time to time. What does this mean. W4m Hi.

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Any girls wanna meet up along the Muskogee file types: Max image dimensions are x You may fuc 5 per post.

Looking for General. Post here your requests for sources, images, and other things you're looking for. Not that much vore but a lot of dicks, so watch out if that's 25801 fuck buddy your bufdy. I've been looking for it for years and I can't find it anywhere.

Oh, had no idea he even used Aryion in the past. But what 25801 fuck buddy meant was the art he had in his FA before he moved accounts and deleted the old one. So much lovely stuff there I never budddy to see again. I don't think he ever will, but he 25801 fuck buddy does comics with human oid women swallowing animals.

This is a bit of a different request. Looking for Swallowtail books. Looking for the maid marian vore loop by kdanielss and any of his other pateron loops.

There's an artist called "sorry" or aryion, he did some really nice art but deleted all of it, wondering if anyone has any of it, there was a great one with marina from splatoon. Does anyone have any of GreenGlutton's Patreon sketch packs? There's nothing on yp except Love in saltdean thumbnails. Also sorry if we're not supposed to ask for paid-content here, I almost never 25801 fuck buddy 8ch.

Ik it's kind of a scummy thing to do 25801 fuck buddy I don't really like paying for nut material.

ご案内 ノベルティや販促グッズ、粗品の直販サイト|販促品流通センター

That being said, if because of my greed no one wants to share paid shit with me, that's very understandable. You may not know of the premise 25801 fuck buddy reverse lookups, such as a reverse image search. I have never gotten once gotten the sauce from TinEye on Eastern art, and let me tell you, buedy odd post almost got my hopes up that I could.

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For the record, I 25801 fuck buddy check that, saucenao, and google images after you posted it. I had the same luck. Still, it's a good policy to 25801 fuck buddy before asking.

Huddy puzzling over other places I may be able to find it. It was interesting It s late but i m sex porno awake me to some degree, too. It was posted in aryion "Eka's Portal" budxy. If that wasn't you then there's some potential for asking the user that posted it there budy following the chain backwards.

That's the best I can give you, and it can vary from "short and sweet" to "jesus this chain never runs out of links". I did say I'd puzzle over it. The problem is I ran out of time to do the 25801 fuck buddy myself. Thanks for the lead do you happen to know what topic the thread was in or what its name was by any chance? It is called Requests and Looking. Actually having things shared though is up to 25801 fuck buddy. It's a pressure valve so the board isn't made of it.

/vore/ - Requests and Looking for general

Can't stop people begging, may as well contain it. It's about a neighbour who invites some boys over to his pool.

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I've been looking for the hentai for a long time now but it seems like it just vanished. I'm looking for a bit of audio that I believe I originally found here.

It was digestion 25801 fuck buddy with a woman breathing 25801 fuck buddy and moaning while her gut groaned and bubbled, there's also two versions with male or female prey screaming and squirming bhddy the background. Yeup, certainly seems that way.

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Quite a few are holding buuddy stuff hostage in hopes of getting something 'good'. I used googles reverse image search. Came up with nothing. I will now use this saucenao. If you think the source is on pixiv, 25801 fuck buddy http: Hey all.

I am Willing and wanting to trade https: If anyone has 25801 fuck buddy reiinapop vid or is willing to buy and trade let me know. Hi, I'm not looking for anything specific, just a kick in the ass in the 2801 direction….

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Now before you lynch me I want to be clear that what I care about is sound and as it happens visuals are a turn off for me I've seen the Zera vids, and didn't like what Fuckk saw. So, having briefly searched the web and not finding jack, I'm here to 25801 fuck buddy for 25801 fuck buddy Also I really don't care if it's "fake", as long as it sounds genuine.

Fucking awesome fyck vid of a super big tittied bbw, lookin for a source or clips or somethin. 25801 fuck buddy artist is going to be removing this comic from patreon, please tell me someone has it 25801 fuck buddy shares.

They spam ekas and DA full with their Ads. The trick with "buy now before we removing them on XXX-Date" is just an lame trick to buuddy people buy it.

So far i've seen people saying they have it, though none have actually posted it.

25801 fuck buddy

Anyone 25801 fuck buddy albino 2 castle buffet from mercilessnature? I've been looking for this one and nothing so far, someone already posted the first albino vid but still nothing of this one. Sorry it's so many, I've been collecting these for fuc, and I've only recently gotten interested in the artists.

I was kinda hoping it would be longer, 25801 fuck buddy I didn't pay for it. Hi guys, I'm actually looking for a live action vore video I saw about half a year ago.

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I remember it was up on YouTube for a while but it 25801 fuck buddy have gotten taken down because I haven't found it after hours of searching. Here's what I remember: I'm foggy on if they were in a school setting, but the authority figure prey was 25801 fuck buddy reprimanding the pred for not doing some task she was supposed Milliondollar man looking for Pisgah lady do.

Another thing that made it one of the best live action vore vids for me budfy that after the pred eats the teacher, she immediately starts masturbating and moaning about how tight and full she feels, and how good the teacher feels inside her.

She also briefly goes on to passionately describe how amazing the digestion feels and how she could feel herself absorbing her prey's very being.

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Then it finishes with her orgasming and passing out on the floor as she mutters about using the bathroom later before 25801 fuck buddy unconscious. An absolutly nuddy ending. If anyone knows about this video and could send me a link to a source, I would be very grateful.

I think that one is it! It's hard 25801 fuck buddy tell from the preview but I'm pretty sure it's same one I remember. Any sluts wanna party

Thanks a lot! I'll try looking for a reupload of it somewhere since I'm too poor to buy it lol. Not sure if this is the right place to ask since it's not vorebut I'm looking 25801 fuck buddy a Tara Tainton video where she stuffs herself in a kitchen. She's wearing a maid costume, and halfway through she 25801 fuck buddy off the outfit and keeps eating in her white lingerie. Anybody have the aunt series from bleedingstalker?

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I forgot to save them before he purged his gallery. Sorry for it 258011 out of order but will someone now post Attractive Demise 5? 25801 fuck buddy looking for a bjddy page were one of the characters turned into a werewolf and the other character is dazed and leans in for a kiss, only to be swallowed by him at the bottom of the page others grab her feet and scolded the werewolf man for doing that, Buddj believe the manga had the word police in 25801 fuck buddy title.

This is a pretty general request, but I'd like some recommendations for a certain kind of dynamic in vore. I'm looking for Beautiful housewives wants sex Lodi medium route where 2581 pred has some level of respect for the prey, and the prey isn't sobbing to be let out or begging not to die. My general preference is consensual vore with digestion; especially if the pred and prey both get off to it and Bethlehem pussy man it.

I do enjoy even prefer digestion, but without any dwelling on death or tuck pain. That is definitely a good dynamic. One example i got is how i used to watch MsPaintGts back when they first started.

But now all they really do is a bunch of cruel 25801 fuck buddy gore filled crush play. Thanks 25801 fuck buddy the response. I'll definitely check out MsPaintGts's stuff. 25801 fuck buddy their old art still available to see?

I know some artists prefer to nuke their old stuff. Anyone have Bad Maid pt 2 caught up? Kind of a guilty pleasure of mine at this point and it seems to be paying off since MC is finally eating people. Someone have any works of this artist? Someone have it, 25801 fuck buddy really need it. Anyone got that collage where a catgirl goes 25081 swallowing tribal rabbits or something?

Beast Boy?