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Bessie Coleman. Wikimedia Commons. Pioneering aviator and daredevil Bessie Coleman — the first African American and Native American woman to be a pilot — is being celebrated with a Google Doodle on what would have been her th birthday. Coleman, who grew up in Texas, read about the flight of the Wright brothers and the first female American femaale, Harriet Quimby, during her childhood, dreaming of flying a plane herself.

She saved up money and overcame racial and societal barriers to achieve her dream. She was the 10th of 13 children born to George and Susan Coleman.

Her father, who was half-Cherokee and half-African-American, and her mother, who was African-American, were sharecroppers. They moved to Waxahachie, Texas, when she was 2.

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Coleman had hou walk four miles every day to school, which was segregated and just one room. She also helped her parents harvest cotton, according to her biography.

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She spent one year there, before she had to drop out and return home. Read More From Heavy.

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While living in Chicago, Coleman saved up enough money to attend aviation school. But American flight schools would not admit her because of her race and gender.

Coleman learned French at a Xub school in the Chicago loop, withdrew the savings she had accumulated from her work as a manicurist and the manager of a chili parlor, and with the additional financial support of Abbott and xub African American entrepreneur, she set off for Paris from New York on November 20, It took Coleman seven months to learn how to fly. The only non-Caucasian student in her class, she was taught in a foot biplane that was known to fail frequently, sometimes in the air.

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Upon her return to the United States, Coleman became a media sensation, especially in black-owned newspapers, but also in publications about aviation. In an interview with the Dallas Express, a black-owned paper, she said African Americans had to have pilots to keep up with the times, according to Voice of America.

Upon returning from flight school in France inColeman realized she could earn money by entertaining others through her skills as a pilot. But she needed more training to learn how to do stunts, and again could not find anyone to teach her in America, so she went back to France for a year.

Are you a sub female in need of a home

This week, we honor Bessie Coleman, as we celebrate her th birthday. Coleman Aviation colemanaviation January 24, Ars would only perform at shows if the crowd was desegregated and allowed to enter through the same gates, according to the National Aviation Hall of Fame.

Coleman Aviation colemanaviation January 26, She also gave lectures about flying at locations around the country, often to black audiences who at the time knew little about aviation. But she walked off the set because she felt the script degraded her race, her biographer writes:.

su She had gladly accepted the role hoping it would help advance her career and provide her with money to establish her own flying school. But when she learned the first scene required her to wear tattered clothes, with a walking stick and a pack on her back, she refused to proceed.

She had no intention of perpetuating the derogatory image most whites had of most blacks.

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Coleman survived a plane crash inshortly after saving tou money to buy her own plane. She left the hospital three months after the near-fatal accident and would return to the cockpit soon after.

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Coleman died tragically on April 30,in an accident during a rehearsal in Jacksonville, Florida, according to the National Aviation Hall of Fame. The plane they were flying in was a recent purchase, and had been fdmale maintained by the previous owner. Wills was piloting the plane, and Coleman did not have her seatbelt so she could prepare for a parachute jump.

About 10 minutes into the flight, the plane went into a dive and then spun around. Coleman was thrown from the plane at 2, feet and died upon impacting the ground.

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The crash was caused by a wrench that had slid into a gearbox, jamming it. She was killed in a plane crash yoi her last flight.

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A post shared by Elizabeth Bessie Coleman elizabeth. By the standards of the day, she should be married, at home having babies and at work in the kitchen. Ever the realist and perhaps the dreamer she went to work in the air.

While her life was tragically cut short before she could achieve that goal, her story and accomplishments have inspired generations. Powellhimself an aviation pioneer, wrote. Coleman was honored with a stamp as part of the U.

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By Tom Cleary. Updated Jan 26, at 6: View this post on Instagram.

Published Jan 25, at Bessie Coleman, the first female pilot of African American and Native American descent, is celebrated with a Google Doodle on what would have been her th birthday.