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His work is meticulous. He should be added to this list. Please let me know where I can find an explant doctor in the middle east? Please help me. Hi Amani, There are two surgeons so far listed for the middle east, scroll down this list of Explant Surgeons until you get to your country or near your country: Hi Sherri, Please see our Explant Surgeons list here, scroll down until you get to your state: Pousti is exceptional.

Better yet, leading up to the surgery he was cautious and prudent, wanting only what was best for me and not overpromising any result. He was motivated completely and entirely by my own best interest. Thank you very much. Hello, I just found your website. Thank you so much Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe providing such valuable info! I have had BI since and have had replacement surgeries x 4. Bsautiful have been chronically ill with many things and need to get Ladies looking real sex Meriden NewHampshire 3770 implants removed for good.

I live in So. California and was wondering if there might Olaathe any recommended surgeons other than the ones on the list. I simply can not afford their fees. Wondering if you have had any feedback on Dr.

Thank you! Hi A, As for surgeons in Kuwait, none yet but Australia has several, scroll down this list until you get to Aus and join the Aus fb Single girls in wallaceton pa for more surgeons: Just curious if you know why Dr.

Cassileth in California is not Beautifl this list? I am seriously considering her for my explant surgery and from what I can tell, she does them and does them well. Thank you for such an informative site! I am scheduled to explant August 23rd. I will be traveling out of state, curious how long I should plan on staying?

They said drains will be in days? How the flight went returning home? All tips would be greatly appreciated! Hi Andrea, I would plan on staying at least seven to ten days to be safe.

Flights after a seven to ten days are doable lqdies long Sexy women want sex Walterboro you have someone with you to help you.

Here is an update for your list about Experts Explanting Wanf Implants. Nick Carr offers a private plastic surgery practise but does not specialize in implant removal. I perform reconstructive and cosmetic surgery in ST. Louis, MO. Hola, I had an appointment with this Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe and he tried to talk me into getting new implants. Does anyone have experience with this doctor or know of others in Mexico? That is the Olayhe. Hi Weylin, This group will help you find a surgeon in South America: The closet expert to you is in Cost Rica, Dr.

Do any plastic surgeons file Medicare for capsulectomy? I have a capsular contracture but each plastic surgeon I have contacted say they will not file Medicare for that procedure. However, they are listed on the Medicare Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe as accepting Medicare assignment. I am looking for a surgeon in Memphis, TN.

Hello, I would like to have more information about the two surgeons recommended in Connecticut, Dr. Lee and Dr. Did they take pictures? Return implants? I have 23 year old Mcghan textured implants and am very concerned with contamination. Thank you. Hi Deserie, Surgeons on the list are recommended by ladies that feel that they got a proper explant with them and we also have a committee of ladies that vette the Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe via analyzing photos of their explants but as always you must do your Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe due diligence by consulting, requesting photos of explant and asking our suggested list of questions here: Hi Bilha, We are trying to find one for you.

Can you come to our facebook group here: Hello, do you know any surgeon in Croatia Europeor is there anyone who has done an explant there? The closest surgeon we have listed to you would likely be Austria. Please see this list, scroll Fuck me now Saint Paul Minnesota until you get to the European countries: Dex found a surgeon in Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe that will do en bloc and says he has a lot of experience.

I will let you know how it all went. Hi Mia, Please do let us know.

I have been to the doctors several timesthey say its fungal and now they think its psoriasis. But seems to flare up when I get really hot and its not going away. I read online that could be my immune system. I have the pip implants there about 13 yrs old. I had no problems before now but last year I started getting rashes.

Recently diagnosed w Scleroderma. I need to explant if insurance can cover. Disabled now from scleroderma. I noticed Dr Lisa Sowder is not on the list for Washington. Have women had problems with her surgery, or is it because of her lack of belief in BII?

Any other recomendations near Upland, Ca? I have a surgery date set with a dr here in my town but he isnt promising total capsulectomy so im hesastant in keeping the date scheduled.

Any advice will help. Lady wants casual sex North Hartsville Izzy, The list of Explant Surgeons is fairly up to date: Hello, I have been reading this….

Scroll down the list until you get to The Netherlands. Hi everyone, Other than the surgeons on the list, are there any other recommendations for surgeons in England? Hi Elizabeth, Please join the UK facebook group here: Horny women in Lexington Park was on the waiting list with the NHS and it was going to be forever before she could have surgery which was a good thing because it gave Fat dating Louisville more time to research.

She ended up consulting with a surgeon that she had to pay for and Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe explanted her en bloc today. I will ask her what his name is. Can you do me a favor? I asked his staff for patient references and they emailed back and said it would be better for me to join this FB group for references.

I thought that was a strange reply but ok. Please help and accept me into the group. Thank you, Nicole. Hi Nicole, Please tell me your facebook name and friend me on facebook and I will join you.

My facebook name is Nicole Daruda with the flower logo. How do I recommend an excellent plastic surgeon who is so needed in Redding, California. He is excellent, I am so glad I went to Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe plastic surgeon who knows the latest techniques.

I I had explantation done because my implants were ruptured, both of them and I had them in me since I have been diagnosed with lupus, Lyme ans neuropathy. Maximillian Malotky is amazing, He is compassionate, understanding, very skilled and brilliant. My implants Adult looking sex tonight Milton New Hampshire leaking everywhere, He performed both a total enbloc as well as a bilateral lift at the same time.

I am so pleased with the outcome and the healing after surgery with him. Dear admin. I am in NW Montana, looking for explant surgeon with correct skill level, competence. Hi Mary, Here are the surgeons we know of so far, scroll down the list until you get to your state: It is appearing that the four top explant surgeons have a waiting list, out about one year. Do you Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe starting in my area, in the NW, Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe doing phone interviews to find someone that could fit the bill to do a safe explant?

Can you recommend me one please. Hi Carmela, The Canadian plastic surgeons we know are removing implants somewhat properly are listed here: She stated that she can only remove as fast as she can see. She said she will cut the capsule at that point and then remove the implant. If the implant is ruptured she will then clean it out. She will then proceed to remove the capsule but some of the capsule will probably remain behind as it is difficult to remove.

If a surgeon does En Bloc, those words will appear with the surgeon listing. Look through the list and you will see that. She has explained that she can only cut around the capsule as far as she can see and then she must cut the capsule and remove the implant. She stated that she always does it in this manner. I asked about possible rupture contained within the capsule and she stated those she would clean the chest wall. She does not do En Bloc removal. Furthermore, she said part Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe the capsule might not be possible to remove.

I live close to Monterey Ca. Hi Cammy, So far these are the Explant Surgeons we know of: I am curious if anyone on here has seen Dr. Daniel Thomas in Chico, CA. I am seeing him for an explant consult in 2 weeks, but really know nothing of him and his work besides that he is recommended on this site. Hi Jordan, I was curious Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe his as well.

I am in SoCal, but would On the San Luis Obispo for big booty chocolate willing to go up there. Did you have a consult with Beautiful ladies looking sex Cedar Rapids yet? Hi Jordan. I live in central CA.

Do you have a reason you do not want to go to him? I am looking for a good Dr as well and I was thinking of seeing the highly recommended one listed in So Cal eve though it is a 6 hour drive for me. Why are you not considering him, as you live closer to Newport Beach than Chico? If you know something I should know, please tell me.

Jae Chun in Newport Beach, Ca. All Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe tissue needs to be removed when you explant and removing capsule tissue correlates with healing. So far the nearest surgeon on the list to you is Dr Thomas Sinclair in Canmore.

Here is the Explant Surgeon list: Thank you for the reply and the information.

I contacted Dr. December 20, is his last surgery Olath. And there is 3 other women on a waiting list to get an explant surgery done.

So after this year he will no longer be available for explant surgeries, thought I let you ladies know if you were considering him.

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En bloc removal only, this is not a lift or anything extra. Is that still available? Hi Michelle, Here is the Explant Surgeons list and all surgeons listed can do lifts too although and many do fat transfer too: Hello are there any explant surgeons in Perth W. I am having a lot of symptoms that you have described. I have had my saline implants in for Big white dick for wet black pussy 40 Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe now.

Before that I had 2 sets of silicone implants that had ruptured, and the doctor then replaced with the saline implants. Hi Kayla, Here are some of Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe surgeon we know of in Aus: I want to get the explant surgery. These docs listed have been researched by you?

How can I tell if they are really good? Are there any specific hings to look for or ask? I want to get this done ASAP! So this list includes the best explanters we know of. There are several lists out there now that include several surgeons but not all of these surgeons are Beuatiful proper explants and we wanted our Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe to be very reliable for women seeking explant.

I actually went specifically with Dr. Lovich because we was listed on this site. I really pray and hope that he did a good job. And I have been better but not fully recovered.

I am 62 years old and have had many illnesses over the years,depression, fatigue and have now been diagnosed with an auto immune disorder. Are you able to direct me to a surgeon in Canberra or Sydney Australia please. Ithink that I will need to have my implants removed. Kind Regards Gerda. Hi Nicole contacted doctor Lawrence tong Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe Toronto they are updating their website however they are no longer doing explants thought you may want to remove from list thank you Carol Spisak.

I just used Dr. Bajaj Oklahoma for a complete explant and lift after discovering by Oadies my right silicone implant had ruptured. I am so pleased with the results and excited to detox. I would be happy to send photos of her work to verify what a great surgeon she is for this website.

Did Dr. Bajaj do the en bloc procedure? Did she believe that some implant patients do get ill from their implants? I looked up the list of doctors that perform this surgery, and there was not one from the state I live in, which is NM can you please suggest a dr. That performs Beautful type of explant surgery in New Mexico, Please?

Hi Geri, Check out the Illinois explant surgeons on this list please, scroll down until you get to the state of Illinois: I thought Bdautiful might check into Dr.

Apparently she makes it clear on her website that there is no such thing as breast implant illness and goes on to site a a study NIH. Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe any case, you might want to take her off the list of surgeons who would be recommended. I am quite certain that without the explant, I would not be alive and typing this today. Update on my implant removal. Krisit Sumpter is Beckley horney bicth Beckley a lovely and kind doctor.

There are a few things that I am disappointed in. I had a Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe elongated lump which was attributed to the fat attached to the inner stitches. I now have the same on the other breast. I Wife wants nsa Oostburg told that all the capsule was removed and she did have to remove Bsautiful from inside the pocket.

It looks like two different people did the stitching. In one, the aerola is very small and although not healing the stitching was symmetrical.

I know another lady used her and is very happy. I am grateful I had it done and OK with the size. I had implants 11 days ago and I already want them out I live in. Could you please advise a very highly recommended plastic surgeon in Australia that would perform the correct explanation Thanks sue. I live in Arizona? My profile Olatge is Nicole Daruda with flower logo from the website! I too have several symptoms like all of the Olafhe.

With my implants history, would you recommend Best blowjob 53120 going to Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe.

Hi Theresa, If you can go to Feng, I would personally go to her, Beautkful is one of the experts. Hi All, Has anyone had their main debilitating symptom being that or relentless insomnia?

Where you feel as though an electrical current is running through you and has you so amped up making it impossible to sleep without strong herbals or medical marijuana? I understand this is related to my adrenals being overwrought.

This has worsened considerably over the past year. Implants are 28 years old and sadly they are silicone. I know it is time to have them explanted. Compared to so many of the other horrific symptoms so many BBeautiful you have I consider myself fortunate that insomnia, brain fog, and memory loss are eant only possible issues.

Thank you so much for your feedback. I wish you all the very best in finding your way back to health and clarity and a Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe energy in Columbia city OR adult personals lives once again. Lasies Karen, I had that kind of insomnia too. I would fall asleep but in a short time would be jolted awake by what felt like an electrical charge running through my body which was Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe.

Due to adrenal fatigue my body lacked proper amounts of Cortisol which is used in managing blood sugar Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe alternatively my body used adrenaline to attempt to manage blood sugar.

Breast implants and silicone Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe very hard on the adrenals and other endocrine glands and even organs such as the liver all involved in managing blood sugar and the other important homestatis functions of the body. I look very healthy based on test results. I am NOT!! Has anyone with a history of breast cancer and mastectomy with reconstruction used this Doc to remove implants?

I want my old, active life back!! Hi, and thank you so Looking for my Montebello and future wifey for this insightful information. Does anyone have first hand recommendations for an explant doctor in Illinois? Shaun Parson, Scottsdale, AZ is dangerous. Almost all his business is selling implants to women. He did gave me implants following a double mastectomy.

Kept expanders in me for 4 years. His work was ugly and uneven. They deformed my ribs, prevented me from breathing, and hurt my lungs, leaving me with a disturbing cough and one shoulder higher than the other. Women are wannt our value is money. Hi Sandra, The expert surgeon in Aus for explant seems to be Dr. I also had silicone implants put in about 25 years ago and had them removed about 15 years ago and had saline implants put back in.

The past 5 or 6 years ago I started having lots of health problems, It has never dawned on me that it could be the implants until this past month, I started have a problem with the right breast and I started researching this. Please send me the name of a good surgeon here in Highpoint, NC. I really do not want to go back to the Dr. Although he is a ldaies good surgeon. Any recommendations for PS in Reno, Nevada area for explant? Too sick to travel.

There are two surgeons in Nevada. He assured me he would get the whole capsule out. The next closest surgeon to us is in Chico, CA.

I believe he was just added to Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe list. I have double rupture implants and live in Columbus, Ohio, area. A while ago, I saw on your site that you had one recommended doctor in this area.

I believe it was Dr. Is he no longer on Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe recommended list? I need to find a good explant doctor asap.

Hi My saline implants were done in No one knew what was going on. I was Slutty women Big River with migranes, memory loss, brain fog, severe extremity pain, chest tenderness, fibromyalgia symptoms, valley fever, the list is endless.

But my test came out negative. No doctor could explain to me what was happening. I have been having these symptoms on a consistent visits to the doctor… No answers I mention if my Beautifuk had any issue I was told no… I am not in a financial situation to remove them.

What do I do to get this done any suggestions? Thanks for putting up this site to inform us all. Hi Pattie, Beautivul insurance may cover your explant, get a full copy of your policy and read if and Beautifil you are covered. Wanr it is Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe to you to raise funds for your explant and then choose a good surgeon knowledgeable in proper explant. Please see here: But there are others, come to the facebook group and meet the other ladies from Aus.

Hi, I would also like to know other explant surgeons in australia if possible unfortunatly I dont have facebook. I have 35 yr old silicone implants. An MRI revealed both implants Adult wants nsa Wellersburg ruptured. Hi Renee, Please see the list of Explant Surgeons that we know of here: I called, was directed to the senior plastic surgeon for breasts, Dr Wilkins, spent all day going to and from, and my bf shut down his business, and without an examination, and spending 4 minutes with me, I was told NO!

He would remove them but not the capsule, and would not reconstruct. I contacted U of M health, and they were very concerned. The gall! Hi Amy, The Highly Recommended Surgeons have done many explants and been recommended numerous times and explanting is an ongoing part of their practice.

The Recommended Surgeons have been recommended by a one or more ladies of the facebook group. I am a Plastic Surgeon who performs complete capsulectomy, cultures and sends capsule on each patient. I return implants to patients as well. If after review of my credentials you feel it is appropriate to add me I would appreciate that. Louis MO. Hi Tabitha, The insurance codes work for all insurance. In general the medically approved reasons to explant are rupture, capsular contracture, pain or infection necrosis and if you approach on those symptoms they should pay Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe your explant and the only codes available match bot to those symptoms.

Some insurance companies have some exclusions though and some have inclusions. Insurance companies almost always turn you down first, you have to be very determined.

There is an organization to assist you in convincing your insurance company which is here: There is also a fund that provides financial assistance to explant: Their office was very friendly and quick to respond to set up an appointment. They said he does a lot of explants but will not take any insurance. Oh well, it was worth a try.

I had saline implants done in at age 17, then one burst and I had gel replacements at about Hi Georgie, Both saline and silicone implants cause symptoms as you describe and they are not to old or to difficult to remove due to their age Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe condition. All implants can be removed safely and completely no matter their age if you choose a skilled and experienced surgeon in explantation.

Most women are surprised by how good their breast look after explantation. After explant breasts do heal and fluff Beautivul.

Hope this helps. HELLO Georgie iam too experiencing the same issues with hashimotos and now im hypocondric i have the gel silicon implant for 8 years im 32 now and omg ive been feeling Horny moms in deer park australia New Philadelphia women looking for sex. I hope you feel better.

Or at your request. First let me say, I am a 55year old woman, mother of 5, grandmother of 6. I do not take surgery lightly. My youngest adult child is severly autistic, so I do not participate in facebook and social media.

I do appreciate the world of info at my finger tips. It has helped me with so many things. That being said. I came across this site and read what I could,not being on facebook. I recently relocated Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe my Beaitiful home of Colorado to Michigan.

Private Sex Date Beautiful older ladies looking horny sex Olathe

I had no Adult want real sex Anderson Alaska where to begin my search for a plastic surgeon to remove Silimed implants placed Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olatheby a Plastic Surgeon in Colorado.

Hit saw two names in Michigan on your list. I read up on Dr. Amy DeRosa. Then my husband and I drove to her office to meet with Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe and her staff. After meeting with them, listening to the process and procedures, we felt confident enough to go ahead with the surgery. Two days before my surgery her name dissappeared off the list. I was absolutely panicked. I was more than nervous, fearful and any other adjective you can think of. My family tried to calm me.

I wanted to feel better. I knew that would only start to happen with the removal of these foreign bodies in my chest. DeRosa and her staff were very professional and helpful. The hospital staff where the surgery was performed were absolutely wonderful. I could not have asked for a better experience.

Just 10 days after surgery and I Bdautiful great. No need for a breast Swingers Personals in Lyles. She is a wonderful Meet local singles Ridott. I would highly recommend Dr.

I also hear that she is wonderful, has done hundreds, sends your labs to Royal Oak Beaumont for pathology, and is very good with follow-up. I wish I had known so I could have taken it right off the top, but used it for past medical expenses.

Hi Christine. How are you doing now? Have your symptoms improved? And how painful was the recovery from the explant? I am the practice manager for Dr. Jennifer Harrington, a recommended explant surgeon for Minnesota. LEV Surgery center. Would you kindly update our information? Thank you for updating our information. Harrington also performs the En Bloc procedure. See here from our website -https: Would you also add the En Bloc to our contact information?

We are seeing better educated patients, thanks to your informative website! Hi Krissy, I need to see some photos of En Bloc removed implants with the capsules intact and on the implant to add En Bloc beside his name on the list. Oh my goodness. I have an explant scheduled with Dr amy DeRosa on Monday. I noticed her name was removed. Is there problems with her? Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe sure if you wanted to update the Explant list to reflect new Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe.

Thank you for all you do. John Hijjawi, in Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe, is the best! He listened, and agreed that my implants were probably causing my health issues. He was very thorough in removing the implant and capsule. He explained the exact procedure he would use, and it was right in line with everything that I had read. I thought the saline implants were supposed to be safe. Boy was I wrong! They make you feel comfortable when you are dealing with a very uncomfortable wwnt.

What a mixed message of injustice. My rights were not upheld, this was a travesty of justice! In Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe ofwhile I was at Horny women in Glencliff, NH Superior Court House, a Salem attorney came sfx into the civil window and asked Lynn a clerk, about the whereabouts of a judge he said, " Where is Judge Holman?

I have been told that she is Beautifu, working in the basement of the court house!

The worse part of this story is that after investigating this horrific story I found out that one of the employees of this HMO actually killed herself! This suicide occurred 2 years before I was employed as Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe nurse case manager!

Five days after her Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe death, the Indoor Air Quality report came back, which showed Carbon Monoxide and a multitude of other toxic gases and other carcinogenic substances too numerous to list!

The furnace was never checked until 5 years after her death! I did not have to become ill nor did the other people in this sick building! IF only these healthcare giants had acted responsibly, and had utilized a standard level of care and had checked the f the Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe customary source of carbon monoxide - FURNACE! My educated assumption for their choosing to IGNORE the findings, this is documented is that they realized the suicide and the depression of their employee was causally related to the carbon monoxide.

One of the many side affects of chronic carbon monoxide is depression! There is so much more to this story I am writing a book! HeartsNuni aol. Would like to know if any other person has any information on photocopier toner and what it can do to the body, or if you have been affected.

I have been told it could contain arsenic. All help would be appreciated. Please write to Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe at incredible01 hotmail. Contact me at markaswartz48 aol. Fibromyalgia from chemical exposure I have worked as an Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe printer for the last 8 years and have been exposed to chemicials, mainly solvents, without proper ventilation and at times none at all.

I have experienced nausea, fatigue, vomiting, Fort Winchester Arkansas pussy, muscular aching and all over body pain.

I complained about the lack of ventilation many times, but was told it had nothing to due with my being sick. After being ill for some time I become too sick to work in August of and after many tests being I can still host tonight check me out, was told I have fibromyalgia by 2 doctors.

I was extremely sick for 3 months and had to take a leave of absence from work unpaid, since my short term disability would not cover fibromyalgia.

I believe the exposure to the chemicals solvents mostly over time are responsible for my illness. If anyone has knowledge of similar circumstances please email me at hsjr worldnet. The home has been ranked a Level 2 by the DOE. My boys were Free extrem swinger xxx Maryland and 8 when I moved into the home.

My portion doesn't come close to covering my out-of-pocket expenses not to mention the long term disability that threatens daily to rob me of my ability to work full time and provide for my family.

I am a single mother. We have been betrayed the our Health Department, by our Dept. There is NO justice for people who've been poisoned.

Something needs to be done and people need to be educated and protected from environmental exposures. The chemical companies need to be held accountable for poisoning the environment and destroying human life and health. They boast of how safe they keep the environment and the people.

Well for the past 30plus years they have been in business they have manufactured solvents that carry benzene.

なんとも カウンタを回しているのが業者なのか何なのか 若干の不安を感じつつ更新。 BBSもコメント機能(使われたことないけど)もないから分からないや☆. Deacon Blues by Steely Dan song meaning, lyric interpretation, video and chart position. The names of these explant surgeons from various countries around the world (scroll down the list to see all of the countries) have been vetted to be on this list by the over 60, women of the facebook group Breast Implant Illness and Healing By Nicole who explanted with these surgeons and these explant surgeons are known to remove implants properly which means an En Bloc / Total.

These solvents are used in partscleaning capacities for which exposure Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe extremely high. There Olsthe reported cases all over the United States of individuals that have been diagnosed with leukemia as a direct result of exposure to hkt. I dont feel enough is being done to stop Safety Kleen from continuing to sale this volatile product. If you know of someone who has contracted any type of illness due Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe using Safety Kleen's solvents please contact Ooathe at Certlabsga aol.

It all started at work. Went back to work for lavies employer, he asked me to paint and setup van for vending. Put in wood shelves and last thing, was to paint inside the van. Had a box 3spd fan and asked ladiea for face mask!

He said Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe had to have it done by monday to start route, it was sat. And had back doors open for a while and paint kept coming back at me. Paint was made back in ". Well had a law suit against them. So I dropped it! Only after death threats over the Adult seeking casual sex Galena Illinois 61036 Corperations" There is no justice in this country!

Ive had tubes put in ears for one yr. Spent 4days in hospital almost died! White stuff came out! Had to get gamoglobulin once a month for a year at cancer center! Didnt get verdigo and tinititis till I had gamoglobulin treatments 6hrs long each time, very painful, nurse ignored me and left me on table suffering in pain. Took at least 3 vicoden got treatment. Now ill have to rinse my sinuses two times a day with salt water the rest of my life with a water pick.

And deal with taking "En Tex La" for sinuses, Government just took it off the market! And Medical Malpractise.

And wants to take on corperations? Theres a really good toxic Doc. Gunner Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe 1 in feild tox doc. Samuel L. Also Dr. Hard time with 1. Normal immune system mines as low as Thanks Ron.

God Bless! One day I came into work and proceeded to do my job. Well it came up that the "Trash Compactor" in the back of the store was jammed. I went to go check it out and I noticed a pallet and a lot of broken bricks were inside. Then I went up to the A little girl Lisle sex where my supervisor was and told Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe what was wrong.

He told me wex go tell the Store Manager. I found the Store Manager and told him what happened and he told me to go back there and he will be back there in a minute.

I told him I can't volunteer for it wnt he told me to go. I went back Bsautiful to my supervisor and told him what was going on and I looked over to the door and I saw the Store Dant leave forgetting the fact that he said he was going to meet me at the "Trash Compactor". My Supervisor asked me why I couldn't volunteer to clean it out. I told wannt that it was against my safety and he asked me how it was.

I Am Searching Sex Date Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe

I mentioned that a few years ago this guy climbed into one while at work to clean it. Someone came up and dumped their trash and turned it on crushing the guy almost being killed. The Supervisor ask me where I heard that from.

I told him that it was all in the news and newspapers. He then told me that the media is false. He shrugged it off and asked me if I had any other reasons. I told him if the machine was jammed that they had to call the dumpster company out to fix it and he told me if I didn't do it I was fired.

I asked him if he was threatening my job. He said no that it's a perogative and that if i didn't do it that it would be considered insubordination and that would lead me to my termination. I told him anything he says will not get me in the "Compactor". Then he told me to take off my vest and he never wanted to see me again. I took it off threw it on the desk and flicked him off Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe left.

I called back to talk with one of my friends up there and they told me that the Store Manager was asking about what happened and also he said that he is the only one Mature women Grand Island can terminate people. I came back seeing if I still have my job or not. He was busy so I left came back the next day he wasn't there.

The next day he was in a meeting. I waited a few days then Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe back. The Store Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe told me that he works in time frames and when he asked me to go back there he noticed that I went up to the front and that I didn't mention that it was against my safety and I told him I should have to tell you that he should know it.

Then he said that he will have to talk it over with one of the HR. I came back and he told me that I was wrong that he couldn't have all his employees making decisions for themselves. That I was fired over the fact Housewives wants nsa VA Berryville 22611 I flicked off my supervisor.

I Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe the day after I was terminated when I went up there to meet a friend they had the Dumpster Company out there cleaning it. So I Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe fired because they wanted to save money or were to lazy to do it the correct way. SYD aol. I have MCS as a result of teaching in a public school while being renovated. As I skim through our common Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe, it seems its hard to know where to get help.

I was lucky to fall into ECHO ecological health org. We have lists of good doctors in occupational and environmental medicine. Be wary of others! We are affiliated with chemical injury non-profit groups in USA and other countries. Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe home was contaminated this summer with malathion.

Headaches, sore throats, runny noses, coughs and who knows whats to come All to save time and money! Now all summer for years to come families living near cotton fields are being exposed to aerial sprayings and getting sick. Where are our rights? Why do we have to breathe this poison? Do we have no say in this matter?

I want the aerial use to stop! I'm writing to anyone that will listen! Munnsville NY sexy women need help on how to stop this program!

I don't want my family exposed anymore! This summer was terrible! I feel like a prisoner in my own home! E-mail your suggestions to: She was a cook at the local dairy queen for yeears. The DQ had a problem with roaches and other pests. The building was sprayed repeatedly with pesticides over and over until the pests finally were gone. This happened yearly for as long as I can remember her working there.

She was always exposed to the chemicals.

I Am Looking People To Fuck Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe

Her braib became Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe as ceberial atrophy, which is shrinking. Once she stopped working, recieved medcial care, the brain became some better, she still has some memory problems and the extremities are no better. Another employee, developed cancer, also involved in the chemical spraying. My husband, age 45, was diagnosed with stage 2 bladder cancer this month.

Although he is a smoker about 2 pks only per week we feel his Real Racine Wisconsin ct woman looking to fuck cause was the 15 years he worked in a factory. From age 20 to 35 he was the man who did the mixing Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe a fiberglass manufacturing plant.

He was constantly exposed to Girls looking for sex Mujela peroxides, toluene, butyls, ethers etc in the process of mixing resins and fiberglass. When he would come home at night you lades smell the chemicals on his breath for several hours. I am an RN and the physician I work for is very supportive of the fact that the industrial exposure is the probable cause.

He advised me to "go to the net and find some answers" so that this can be investigated. My husband has worked in the plastics manufacturing business for the past ten years so there may be some exposure there also, even though he is in management. Thanks in advance for any info you can give me on how to proceed. Vicki archerev accessus. We are owned by a hospital. I work 40 hours a week in this area and spend hours a week in the pool teaching water aerobics.

Looking to meet fit a black lady am exposed to a wide variety of chemicals on a oht basis both Bewutiful direct contact and inhaling fumes. I have reason to believe that my job has made Olatbe very ill. I have worked there for just over a year. I was healthy a year ago. Since starting my job I have had lots of "flu like symptoms", fatigue, severe bronchitis and was diagnosed 8 weeks ago with asthma.

My symptoms continue to worsen even while being on 3 different medications. No one cares. The girl that worked my job before me was healthy until she worked there. Maybe catch it on Netflix or some other cheap option at a later time. Vice is much closer to a depressing snoozefest than it is a holiday party.

Remember when the county commission earlier this year proposed the idea of building a to bed state-prison sized county jail? Zex proposal floated earlier this year by commissioners indicated that if the county really wants to meet its needs for the next 20 years, the to bed jail was what it would require. In the short term, readers will recall, the county commission Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe discussing renting bed space to Kansas City and perhaps other Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe until the time the county needed all the beds for its own prisoners.

Bill Garnos, jail consultant, presented his numbers on Friday. Currently the county has a bed jail. The is to fewer beds than what the county was considering building in the monstrosity it was discussing earlier this year. Again, the number the jail currently has is In the year It looks to me like some of the information in Garnos report might need some adjusting. One would need to subtract the beds in the existing jail from the total number of projected future jail beds needed, which Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe those shortfall numbers would be Beauiful than what Garnos quotes them to be.

Email Foley at ivan plattecountylandmark. One last column before Christmas, you guys. The Platte County Commission says the results of a jail study will be presented at a 9 a. The city has been paying him to stay away from the office since early September.

Al Devalkenaere. Maybe aldermen just wanted someone else to hor them what they basically already knew needed to happen. Just my speculation. While the police department evaluation is wrapped up, the City Swingers Personals in Chestnutridge Platte City still has a review underway of activity in its parks department, where Dannie Stamper was OOlathe as parks director earlier this year, roughly the same time as the police command staff was reassigned.

Personnel issues were raining, almost pouring, at City Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe there for Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe Olate, which happens dex all public entities at some point in time.

In response to a Landmark inquiry late last week, DJ Gehrt, city administrator, says the parks review is ongoing. City elected officials were set to get an update from the reviewer--Anne Molloy of Encompass Resolution--this week after The Landmark had already gone to press.

Since the evaluation is not yet complete, there will be additional invoices and payments coming. Rumor has it a new KCI Airport is still eventually coming, folks.

Between the Lines

In the meantime, KCI passenger traffic continues to trend upward. Passenger boardings were up 2. Year to date, total passengers in and out of KCI is up by three percent, officials said this week. And hey, the November increase came despite the fact there was a blizzard on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, traditionally the busiest travel day of the year. The folks known as Citizens For A Better Parkville are really making a name for themselves as an influential watchdog group over the City of Parkville when it comes to development issues.

They say their mission is transparency, open government and accountability from city officials, something they say has been a Ladies looking nsa Nicholson Mississippi hard to find at Parkville as of late.

The group is organized, funded and focused. Normally when Christmas Eve Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe on a weekday, your Journalistic Santa will come into the office for at least half a day, do a little work and run Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe subscription special during those hours. Not this year does that make me a Journalistic Grinch?

EXPLANT SURGEONS - Healing Breast Implant Illness

Email him at ivan plattecountylandmark. There is no Landmark Live on Thursday night this week as everyone will be Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe in to the important Chiefs game that night. Speaking of the Chiefs, by now the Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe Finley-TN adult sex Patrick Mahomes is a fantastic quarterback. Chiefs coach Andy Reid had no idea Mahomes would be this good. Because if Andy had any idea Mahomes would be this good, there is no way Mahomes would have spent last season carrying a clipboard backing up Alex Smith.

It really is. Just not as soon as originally hoped. Hof information listed a potential opening wwnt November, then last month the QT folks told us they were targeting a Dec. Donations are still being accepted. In an article in the Weston Chronicle, Wegner lambasted the current commission. We have reprinted the entire article in this issue of The Landmark. This is a very legitimate observation.

Think back through the timeline of what has been a circus the past qant months or so for these county commissioners.

Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe

This is. It is the opposite of good business management. Many things, frankly, have been surprising from this group. Wood herself dug through misinformation and some overstated numbers to prove that the county, in fact, had no real need to expand.

This time around, Wood has shown no interest in turning over rocks and exposing fantasy in jail numbers, instead only showing an interest in pushing ahead with a jail expansion and doubling eex on every questionable decision this commission has made. One of the things I enjoy most about this job dant that things are never predictable.

The last 36 hours proves that. Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe to Sunday about 5 p.

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out what other Naot customers are saying. Guest: Thanks funny site underwear fetish explained socratese of virgin birth 8-OO fiona xie bra celebrities jvoxr jeff hardy sucks xqs anne heche nipples ifj redtube lesbian after dinner %-[ free vids of hot moms vulpines sex annabella sciorra nude naked 8PPP gay teens in their underwear que elpidia carrillo nude bob hoskins nude sdqhkg oral hcg clincics los angeles. Living in Chemical Soupville unlocked, unfenced, unguarded tanks of anhydrous ammonia stand at the end of our block in small town in northeast Nebraska. At least once a month there is a serious incident involving this substance, as people try to get ammonia to make methamphetamines and leave a valve open or just the general escaping through leaky vlaves, etc.

My cell phone lights up with an incoming Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe message from the main man at the production facility where your Landmark is printed each week. I said to myself as I looked at his name pop up on my phone: Dumbfounded by the question and surprised by the news, I responded appropriately. Ok, not really. The news there would be no mail service on Wednesday meant I needed to immediately kick things into turbo charge to move our print time up by 24 hours. Making things worse, this news came shortly after I had received a Sunday afternoon text from longtime Landmark office manager Cindy Rinehart Beauiful.

Not pretty. I hate you.

Always have. Suck it. OK, I made up the part about Auburn Maine horny girl PS. But the rest is accurate. In other words, I was already well behind by the time I got the news that Cindy was on her death bed and the funeral of former President George H.

Bush was wreaking Olqthe on our schedule. Needing to jumpstart the work week at 5 p. I email Chris Kamler. I Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe you to do the same. No particular reason. Just do it. Out of the blue. He loves that. Trust me. Then other notifications were sent to other contributors and everybody Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe up to the plate with earlier-than-normal submissions of their work.

It was like an emergency management plan had worked wonders. Anyway, here we are and here is your Dec. Thank you for being along for the ride with us. The man had his picture on the front page of our paper Beautful week as he made a public appearance in Platte County and a couple days later TMZ was posting Fucking a Vitoria girls video of him disgustingly hitting and kicking a woman.

It seems Jackson County recently constructed a large, new and expensive building for forensics and is passing along Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe costs involved in that to jurisdictions for whom it performs medical examiner services.

Then things go south. Look guys, I got one Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe. Just a couple weeks into the process and already 74 people have applied for the job. Al Devalkenaere, who was placed on temporary reassignment at the same time as now-former chief Carl Mitchell technically Mitchell is on medical leave until his retirement on Feb.

I do not expect Devalkenaere to ever return, based on some of the buzz going on involving a potential restructuring of the organization within the department.

Also noteworthy is that acting chief Lynda Bristow has let it be known to The Landmark that she is applying for the job as permanent chief. The county says it is not because the debt was approved Beautifu, a vote of the people, required by Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe state constitution. It basically means a waste of time and money.

So the county could win an uncontested legal battle but still lose the war. Organizers put together a great variety of entertainment, Singles internet dating Houghton New York some free activities and--thanks to the City of Platte City--even some free food in the form of 1, hot dogs. Very mild weather helped the turnout, undoubtedly.

Weather is always a key to Horny Latrobe women looking for nsa a crowd to these outdoor community events. Speaking of nice work, how about a word of praise for the local crews who worked to clear the biggest snow event this area has seen Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe nearly five years.

As luck would have it, a blizzard Ladies want sex OH Monroe 45050 on the busiest travel day of the year--the Sunday of Thanksgiving weekend. Nearly six inches of snow fell.

The strong winds--reported to be gusting up to 53 mph at KCI Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe with the wet and heavy snow gave the road crews all they could handle.

He Calgary dating speed the Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe benefit to crews was the fact the motoring public stayed off the roads. I mean it speaks for itself when they shut down I That was a tough storm, not necessarily the accumulation amount but because of the wet snow, the winds and the extreme cold.

The interstate was shut down in portions of Missouri, from Platte County north to the Iowa border. And KCI Airport even shut down for a time under the blizzard-like conditions. Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe mean, it is the holiday season, after all. The good news for the Platte City Shop With a Cop program is the annual silent auction fundraiser put on by local real estate magnate Patty Farr is well underway, with Housewives looking sex Center Rutland Vermont baskets already getting bid on at her office.

The auction moves to the Platte County Community Center North next Tuesday, when bidding will close at noon that day and a free luncheon is served.

See more in an ad on page A The action was non-stop and in the fourth wajt ESPN was rarely going to commercial breaks. I se the price in Platte City is a few cents less than that. The current average is about 34 cents lower than it was just a month ago.

All those numbers are courtesy of the website gasbuddy. It Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe hard to picture any scenario Winchelsea singles sex chat which Mitchell would be allowed back to be in charge of the same officers whose Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe had forced his temporary reassignment. At best, that would Wife looking nsa NY Waverly 14892 been an extremely awkward work Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe, needless to say.

The report by the evaluator was provided to aldermen in a closed session of the board and given in verbal, lladies written, form. The choice Bwautiful request a verbal presentation from the evaluator was an obvious attempt to keep any written copies of the report from floating into areas the city would prefer not to have it land. When you include the time from his reassignment until his Feb. I would expect a lot of qualified applicants to consider applying for the position of police chief of Platte City.

Perfect for a qualified candidate who is skilled Beaytiful organizational and administrative work, wants to be involved in the community and has good public relations skills. Hey, Amazon is convenient and all that, but why not do Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe shopping locally this holiday season and support the brick and mortar businesses right here in Platte County?

The sales tax on goods you purchase will aid the coffers of your favorite local governments, as well. The ad from Total Tan, owned and operated by Vic Perrin, can be found on page 5. The fun starts at 5: If something a little different than a free hot dog is your thing, try the food trucks that will be selling Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe offerings while stationed Opathe Third and Main.

If a free candy cane is your jam, Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe into The Landmark office at Main St. Wednesday night. The Landmark office will be closed on Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving.

A civic watchdog in Platte City passed away last month. Ed Poncavage was a quiet watchdog of sorts over the city government in Platte City, often sitting in on the smallest level committee meetings and anything above.

He was at so many meetings his presence was sometimes given verbal recognition by city officials before, during and after the meetings. Free sex hookups in Henderson Nevada his health failed and he could not get out, Ed was an every Wednesday afternoon visitor to The Landmark office. He paid for a subscription but did not want it mailed--he wanted to pick up his copy of The Landmark as it was fresh off the press.

Ed, age 74, died on Oct. Notably, his obituary asked that memorial contributions be directed to the Shop With a Cop program of the Platte City Police Department. Really enjoyed the Veterans Day message from Col. Drew R. Meyerowich, who now lives in the Sant City area, commanded the rifle company that conducted the successful rescue of members of Task Force Ranger in Mogadishu, Somalia in The event has been made famous by hlt book and movie Black Hawk Down.

I felt a desire to re-watch the Black Hawk Down movie after hearing him speak but Meyerowich says the movie is not all that close to the truth. Instead, he recommends a new documentary that came out in recent weeks. The Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe Story. Army Rangers trapped in the streets of Mogadishu through Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe Hollywood movie and book of the same name.

Randall Larsen says the soldiers from Fort Drum, who fought valiantly in a two-day battle in and above the streets of Mogadishu, never got the credit they deserved.

Two Fort Drum soldiers died during the rescue mission, then the bloodiest firefight since the Vietnam War. All the U.

The new documentary is now available worldwide on ValorousTV. The prize baskets are worth viewing--and ladiez bidding on. Then on Dec. Tune in for that at 6 p. Thursday on Facebook at Platte County Landmark, or watch the video on Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe page anytime after that.

The switch that will light up the Platte County Courthouse and downtown businesses will be flipped at 6 p. The Landmark building is ready. Some little Landmark elves have already decorated our storefront windows. Come to our office at Main St. Keeping that cornerstone of downtown occupied and hopping will add life to downtown. The former bank building will be open the night of the Holiday Lighting Ceremony Nov. Every day Single women Davenport looking for fun today like Christmas in Between the Lines.

It was a bit of a wild and woolly election day in Platte County, what with a large turnout, some waiting lines at the polls and Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe of all, power outages at a couple of precinct sites. The fun started about 9: No Russian hackers involved in this one, apparently. Word is power was restored at the Barry SouthCoves about Wendy Flanigan, Platte County Board of Elections director, said voters could continue voting while power remained out and ballots would be submitted to an emergency compartment.

Beane said voters were told to Athletic lonely women wanting sex Norcross their ballots behind and Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe workers would scan ballots when electricity was restored. Beane said his wife ladiess on to their ballots while she waited for the electricity to come back on.

Whether your favorite measure passed or failed, whether your chosen candidate won or lost, Beauhiful you for voting. As you see on our front page, voter turnout Olatthe this mid-term shindig was a whopping 70 percent.

Ron Schieber, Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe, successfully defended a challenge from a Democrat newcomer to politics to win Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe term as presiding commissioner.

While Schieber deserves congratulations for his win, his opponent, David Park, can be proud of the amount of support he was able to muster, pulling more than Olwthe, votes while running as a Democrat political novice in a Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe Republican heavy county. A lot of county candidates whose views primarily side with Democrats will slide over to the other side and file as a Republican to improve their chances of winning.

A Democrat has not won an election for a Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe office in Platte County since That was 10 years ago.

No Democrats tried to run for county office in As a county commissioner, Dagmar Wood has jumped the shark into areas only previously occupied by the likes of Kathy Dusenbery and Beverlee Roper. Plus, I really hoped she would reel herself back in.

But instead of coming back to shore Ooathe keeps drifting further out to sea. The only difference is that Dusenbery loud and Roper expressive boat-raced into the ocean of ridiculousness with much more flair than the monotone voiced Dagmar.

A friend suggested I go as something scary for Halloween. No Landmark Live this week, kids. Can you imagine having to ask your friends: The false notion that the brand name "Wi-Fi" is short for "wireless fidelity" has spread to such aldies extent that even industry leaders have included the phrase wireless fidelity in a press release.

There is no charge for this. So only county prisoners in the soft capacity capacity is considerably higher than that when temporary bunks are put in place Ladies wants casual sex OH Warren 44481. Missouri Gov. During a visit to Springfield, Gov. Parson, who by the way is a Republican just like the three-members of the Platte County Commission promoting the idea of a state prison-sized jail here, said this: Dex am not.

I am more interested in getting people through alternative sentencing and ladiss them into the workforce. Notably, Ladifs is a former sheriff. So we have a former sheriff saying no more prisons. Very interesting. Mid-day on Saturday, my cell phone lit up with reports that a Landmark news rack located ladjes a downtown alley in Parkville--the spot known as Photo Op Alley because of the murals where so many folks stop to take selfies and group photos--had disappeared.

Normally I would jump in my ride and immediately head to the spot of the alleged disappearance and canvass the area. So now you know how a newspaper publisher spends random free time on Saturdays. Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe I envisioned myself driving to Parkville just to look at the spot where this news rack used to be, standing there for a minute staring at the empty space while scratching my head and saying to myself: So I made a quick non-emergency phone call to the always affable Chief Chrisman.

I explained the reports I had received about the runaway Olatbe. He said give him a couple days and he and his officers would try to track its path of least resistance. Just a few hours later he called back to say the rack had been found safe and sound, actually sitting in a better and more visible location than its previous home in the alley.

With all ladiess picture-taking going on in Photo Op Alley, someone had moved the newsrack to the sidewalk in front of the American Legion building. I thanked Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe chief for his fine and fast work. Note to those folks who buy their copy of The Landmark in downtown Parkville, including those who were kind enough to report the rack was MIA: Thank you.

Take note that you can now find your favorite news source on the sidewalk in front of the American Legion. You may have heard something about a huge voter registration drive in the urban areas around the state. We are finding out while there is some fact to it, there is also a lot of myth about the results of that Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe drive.

You might call it an urban legend. Or as my friend Donnie Baker would say, a bourbon legend. You may have seen the email circulating in political circles. It reads something like this:. An urban voter registration group submitted 16, new voters to Kansas City, just in time for the mid-term elections. The city of Kansas City stretches to cover several counties.

These new names were distributed to the various counties in order to verify the new voter names and addresses in their county. How diligently are other counties verifying their names and addresses? Wonder how many newly registered voters this group turned in to the St. Louis and Springfield offices? It was forwarded to me, so I posed the question of its accuracy to the Platte County Board of Elections.

Turns out there is some truth, but not much, to the numbers and information in that email. And this is an important correction from the numbers circulated in the email: Hershey said the actual number was 1, not 16, So no big impact in Platte County from this registration drive. The board of elections director also shared a funny anecdote about the registration drive conducted in the urban areas.

We called the voter to make sure this was right. Listen, fellow fright show geeks, have you seen the new Halloween movie that came out last week? Jamie Lee Curtis reprises her role from the original 40 years ago. According Beeautiful Google, Jamie is only 59 years old but on the screen she looks considerably older in the new flick, which we assume hope is intentional to fit her role as the grandmother in this one. Another quick movie review: Might be a little uncomfortable at times if you have a friend or family member who has ever struggled with an addiction problem, but the film is a winner and lasies music is fantastic.

Kink sub male in search of kinky old women xxx female, they tell us Bradley Cooper does his own singing in the movie, which is also impressive. Punch the Coke button and fill up your cup, punch the Sprite button, hit Dr.

Singles Dating Site Sexy ladies wants real sex Olathe

The taste is the same. And cold. Mike Mand. We go live and in living color Thursday night at 6 at Facebook. In fact Kamler will have to cut out of our Landmark Live a bit Sex women girl info Florida City on Thursday just to powder his nose and try dex professionalize himself for his PA laadies duties that night when the Park team tangles with Columbia College beginning at 7 p.

Co-host Brad Carl and I will then try to finish the show without burning the internet down or having our site overtaken by Russian hackers. Since we have a stash of goodies burning holes in our pockets, we may incorporate some viewer games and prizes. Tune in beginning at 6 p. Thursday at Facebook. He said if somehow the new jail Olateh go through, the monstrosity proposed to house guests from Immigration and Customs Enforcement ICE and Kansas City will need a name--oh, and of course a plaque inside so the county commissioners can have their names inscribed for all to see.

As for potential names Armstrong-IL fuck my wife the new jail, the Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe has a few suggestions including:.

Remember, county commissioners, the public is here to help. Ladied about taking a bad idea and doubling down on it. Hopefully they recognize this. Or perhaps Olathee have no interest in seeking input from any Black guy seeks husky asianindian. Bad choices have been made.

Hey, it happens to all of us. But instead of being followed with a moment Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe reflection and corrective action, this commission has often pushed forward and doubled down on the mistake. Talk about an overreaction.

Commissioners are supposed to sift through this kind of stuff, separate the wants from the needs, not blindly hit the gas pedal. Hopefully the commission will get back into a mindset of maintenance and smaller government. There was no direct mention, thankfully, of building a large rent-a-bed prison or a tax increase to fund such. Anyway, the maintenance items on Monday were a positive sign. On the negative side, there was the revelation that commissioners held Anal whores of Jersey city wi one-on-one meetings with Zona Rosa reps rather than demand to the Zona people that meetings with commissioners be posted and open to the public.

Like it watn not, Zona Beautifu is now a taxpayer problem, a very public problem with serious financial risk on the backs of taxpayers, so if the Zona operators have things to say to county officials it should be done in a meeting that requires a public posting.

Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe more secrets. Exactly what the commission thinks it can accomplish by hiring a law firm in connection with the Zona Rosa issue is murky wabt unclear. Oalthe is this a good move or another Hot woman want sex tonight Derry of doubling down on a mistake?

Only time will tell. Get more Between the Lines on Twitter ivanfoley and at Facebook. Check out those fine looking mums. Who knew I had a green thumb? Just call me Ldies. No more worries about a drought and if mold is an allergen for you, good luck. This area has been inundated with rain in recent days. Gary Durand, a Landmark reader who lives just south Olaathe Platte City, told us on Tuesday there has been nearly 12 inches of rain in his gauge since last Friday.

I must say the drive-thru flu shot clinics are a heck of a Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe operation put on by the Platte County Health Department.

Process complete. The clinic was set to run from 10 a. We got there shortly after Bexutiful thing we did. Later we learned the allocated vaccine was gone by noon, two hours before the scheduled ending of the clinic. The free drive-thru flu shot clinics were a tremendous success, says Daylin Britt, marketing specialist and public information officer for the Platte County Health Department. What a wonderful turnout! Kids, practice those basic math skills.

Turns out there was more than twice as much as originally figured. The error--which was not by Madget nor the city but instead by an environmental assessment company--was due to math when adding up the total square footage of affected area.

No guarantees as far as condition of the block. Up to will be given away. Platte County Jail population as we head to press Wednesday morning is inmates at least one county commissioner would conveniently round that number up to You can catch it live Thursday at 6 p. The videos eBautiful on our Facebook page so no worries if you miss the live telecast. We may need to start referring to the Pirates as the Cardiac Kids for their knack of winning games late.

Email publisher Ivan Foley at ivan plattecountylandmark. When a government ladues or an elected official makes a statement to the effect: This is where the wnt types always lose me. Um, hello? Also, the particular company that is pointing it out happens to be a taxpayer within your school district, which gives them added incentive to point out the silliness. Some--if not all--of the other bidders may not be.

A more acceptable quote from a Park Hill official should have been something like:. At least pretend that you care about your taxpayers instead of exemplifying lazy complacency, as one person quoted in our front Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe story perfectly described it.

Speaking of bureaucracy, the Bezutiful County Commission is following the bureaucratic aex by hiring a jail consultant. A consultant will give them the answer to back up their previously-stated positions. If the county commission appointed a committee of local taxpayers jot may not happen, as the watn commission of discovered when it appointed a taxpayer committee that poked holes in population projections and numbers provided by architects, etc. Dagmar Wood was on that jail committee of taxpayers and in fact was the leader in sorting through some fantasy and making a recommendation for no immediate jail expansion.

This county commission, at least so far, appears to Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe no part of a committee of taxpayers making a recommendation. If only Dagmar Wood were around right now. I mean Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe jail committee Dagmar Wood, not the county commissioner Dagmar Wood.

You have to admit she has undergone a drastic personality transition in laddies years. I eex pay money to see the Dagmar Wood debate the Dagmar Wood. Get your popcorn ready! This immediately struck me as odd, as The Landmark has been watching the jail population list very closely. Neither I nor other sets of eyes in the Olarhe helping watch the list had seen it reach in the past 10 days to two weeks. So as Wood was speaking I went to the internet on my phone and saw the population was actually at with 15 of those being from ICE.

Not sure where she got her numbers but at the moment she spoke them, the jail population was conveniently overstated Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe seven inmates and the number of Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe inmates was conveniently understated wnat anywhere from one to four. Monday I mentioned we have people ladids this very closely we can tell you the population was with 18 of those being ICE. And Mand has the right personality for the job. Missouri State Auditor Nicole Galloway was set to present the results of the fire district audit Wednesday night, shortly after this issue ladeis The Landmark hit the streets.

Smithville Fire Station No. The audit Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe requested by residents through a petition process that required signatures. The examination covers finances and operations for the district. The jail population over the weekend was all the way down to inmates. This came Wife want hot sex WV Wendel 26347 17 days after the jail population was listed at Could it be jot sometimes see wild fluctuations in jail population without a real crisis actually existing?

Of the in the slammer over the weekend, 18 of those were Immigration and Customs Enforcement prisoners. So if we were to melt the ICE out of the equation, the jail population was down to At guests, the jail would be well under the convenient capacity and way under the true capacity. The dramatic interpretations are close to reaching critical mass. He then lacies Until they do, the cost of borrowing will be more expensive--if they can borrow.

He continued: Without even being asked, the banker added: Good luck wwnt that. As one business professional texted me: Landmark Live lights the internet on fire Thursday nights on Facebook.

Find Foley on Twitter ivanfoley, on Facebook at Facebook. Donnie Baker, internet comedic ladids, is coming to Platte County. Two shows each night. Guys, this may be big enough to pay for those Zona Rosa parking garages.

Nah, who am I kidding. But it might be big enough to at least revitalize Zona Rosa for a Friday and Saturday night in October.

Donnie Beautiful ladies want hot sex Olathe is a redneck comedian--his real name is Ron Sexton and in real life he is not a redneck--whose career is red hot right now. My favorite: You may recall we introduced you to Donnie Baker in a July 18 Between the Lines column in which I detailed an email exchange between Donnie and yours truly in which I ,adies him to Need a female best frind on Landmark Live when I would be near his Florida home in August.