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I ll do or be whatever you want me to I Looking Nsa

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I ll do or be whatever you want me to

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Is their such thing as a rational female. Just curious. As the says, I have a fantasy. I want someone real honest. Just waking up to a good morning sexy text is good enough for me.

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It was a quiet, respectable bar where nothing much ever seemed ro happen. That was just the way John liked it, particularly on days like these when he'd had a xo of hassle at work and just wanted to have a few glasses of wine before heading for home to watch a film. The background music was a bit cheesy for his tastes, but that was what you got in a place like this: He imagined the guys playing on this track: As the word "denominator" passed through his mind he Casual Dating Tuckerton NewJersey 8087 idly about how similar it was to "dominator", an idea he had been nurturing for a while.

Things were dead slow on the relationship front, with no suitable women in his circle and somehow he now lacked the spark and the courage to try to pick one up in a place like this. Maybe what he needed was Suddenly a commotion started and two men were pushing each other in the chest the way they I ll do or be whatever you want me to seen Americans do it in TV movies.

I ll do or be whatever you want me to I Seeking People To Fuck

Then one punched the other in the face and the injured one just left. The hubbub quickly died down and the barman took the opportunity to take orders I ll do or be whatever you want me to drinks, since everyone was stirred up.

The idyllic spell broken, John decided to leave it there and Upper new Williamsport naughty girl home. He stood up and put on his raincoat against the damp London evening. He was yoi he only had a few hundred yards to walk to his little suburban terraced house. As he reached the corner, home to a bank where there used to be a pub, he became aware of a figure huddled in the doorway, puffing and panting and groaning.

It was the loser md the bar fight. He looked like a respectable guy, nicely dressed in a blue waxed jacket and chinos with shiny brown shoes. He was dabbing at his nose with a handkerchief. John was apprehensive but not scared.

I can't get on the bus like this. John fetched glasses of red wine and lll bottle of water and the man spent five minutes in the bathroom before walking through and sitting in a chair by a radiator. His nose was red and his eyes were bloodshot, but he didn't look too bad.

I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go

His name was Brent. The two men sat and chatted about this and that. They had both had a few drinks already, so they were soon relaxed and convivial. It was Real ladys only an hour before John brought up the obvious subject. I've seen him before. John suppressed a flush in his face as he realised where this was going.

Brent sighed again. He was embarrassed, but sometimes you can follow that up and it's the best way. He had no idea of John's sexual proclivities but he hadn't been hushed up or asked to leave, I ll do or be whatever you want me to at worst he wasn't interested but also wasn't worried.

That's when he got upset. Maybe he thought people could hear the conversation.

Brent wondered if he should now turn the conversation towards him and John rather than the bar incident. John just wanted him to get to the point. Brent wyatever "Uh huh.

Then Brent said, "Do you think I should change my strategy? Ask me.

He felt like he was naked and showing his arsehole to the guy. If this continued much longer he might even do just that. I'm supposed to make the decisions all the time.

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I think most women are whatrver that, in fact. Ask me, you idiot, or Mme going to take my clothes off and beg you to let me suck your cock. John found himself looking at Brent's crotch, wondering what it was like in there. Brent was well built, with fair hair and furry arms. Maybe he had a hairy body too. He had always fantasised about being fucked by a hairy man, although in truth he was completely flexible. He would watch gay porn and spend half Ladies want sex tonight OH Spencerville 45887 hour with big fat hairy bears.

He would move whaever to black men with their big cocks and sense of sexual superiority. Then he would have a hankering for smooth-skinned mature Japanese men with stocky physiques and small cocks I ll do or be whatever you want me to that way of making sex seem thrillingly wrong, a case of submitting to an aggressor. That was really what he wanted: His hand moved involuntarily onto his own crotch.

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He stroked his cock, which was becoming swollen. Thirty seconds uou the two men were in John's bedroom, having undressed themselves.

John wanted to be kissed Brent strode over and took John in his arms. It was a complete role reversal for John, and it took a second, but no more than that, to adjust. He kissed Brent back, loving the feeling of their tongues dancing together.

Brent walked them wjatever the bed and pulled John down onto it. Then he kissed his neck, his armpits, his navel and the insides of his thighs.

Want For A Man

Just like John would have done to a woman. But with no vagina to lick, Brent turned John over and made him kneel doggie style. His balls were hanging down and whatsver arse was exposed.

And then John felt the incredible sensation of having his arse licked. By a man.

A man whtever animal abandon, licking his arse because it was the most exciting, most intimate, dirtiest thing he could think of. John wanted to be mounted, fucked, ejaculated into. I am going to put my penis up your arse.

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You love it, don't you? I want to lick your arse.

I ll do or be whatever you want me to got his tongue into Brent's crack and it was like being liberated from everything that had been holding him back all these years. He wanted photographs. He wanted video of this encounter, and he knew kr to do it.

He had a camera and a tripod in the wardrobe. He had filmed himself with candles, carrots and kitchen utensil handles in his arse. Brent said, "Of course. He knew exactly where to set it up and within 30 seconds he was Hot Duncan girls a gay porn movie starring himself. Brent had stayed in doggie position so John got right back in there, licking this man's anus.

And he knew the angle would expose his own arsehole, which would soon be filled with yok and cum. And now he was about to: He was going to give John what yoy poor man had been missing all those years. Brent pushed John's legs further into the air and pressed a I ll do or be whatever you want me to finger into his hole. Then two fingers. The happy man received the intrusion with obvious pleasure and Brent gave him a good finger-fucking to get him ready for the main event.

John could hardly believe what was happening. He was being ravished and it was exactly what he wanted. Brent's body was full and masculine. His penis was long nd hard. His balls were hairy, as was his abdomen. He was an animal about to invade John's most private place And John too was an animal.

This wasn't an intellectual, planned exercise.

It was sheer animal lust. They were like two cavemen discovering the pleasures of the male body.

I Looking Vip Sex I ll do or be whatever you want me to

John raised his legs as far as they would go as Brent lay between them and plunged his cock into him. It hurt, yes. But it was incredible. An unbelievable sensation of being filled, being ravaged. He was being fucked. A man was inside him. Spurts, convulsions, writhings, grunts from Brent as he pumped his spunk into this grateful guy.

John heard himself whimpering and sighing as watn cataclysmic l, came to an end.