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A British couple was surprised to witness their pet hen Gertie gradually Chickem into a rooster. No, this is not an early April Fools' Day prank.

Lady looking sex Chicken really can undergo natural sex changes. The first sign that something was afoot with Gertie was that she stopped laying eggsher owners, Jim and Jeanette Howard of Huntingdon, England, told the local media.

Next, she began strutting around their garden and crowing like a rooster.

Over the next few weeks, Gertie put on weight and developed wattles beneath her china feature normally exhibited only by males. She also grew dark brown plumage and a scarlet cockscomb atop her head, both male traits. That's because the mechanics of this biological phenomenon Lady looking sex Chicken to work in only one direction.

Normally, female chickens have just one functional ovary, on their left side. Although two sex organs are present during the embryonic stages of all birds, once a chicken's female genes kick in, it typically develops only the left ovary.

The right gonad, which Lady looking sex Chicken yet to be defined as an ovary, testes, or both called an ovotestistypically remains dormant. Certain medical conditions—such as an ovarian cyst, tumor or Single Women from Chattanooga Tennessee adrenal gland—can cause a chicken's left ovary to regress.

In the absence of a functional left ovary, the dormant right sex organ may begin to grow, according to Mike Hulet, an associate professor at Penn State University's department of poultry science.

Androgens are the class of hormones that are largely responsible for male characteristics and are normally secreted by the testes. The hen does not completely change into a rooster, however. This transition is limited to wex the bird phenotypically male, meaning that although the hen will develop physical characteristics that will make Lady looking sex Chicken look male, she will remain genetically female.

So while the hen will no longer lay eggsshe won't be fathering Lady looking sex Chicken offspring, either. Remy Lookin was a staff writer for Live Science from to Under the right circumstances, a hen can actually transform herself into a cock. As for Gertie, the Howards have renamed the hen Bertie after her sex change.

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