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Start your search here Love Futyer Unlove Frequently asked questions Got a question about anything on CBeebies? Why are CBeebies Birthdays no longer on iPlayer? Unfortunately, it's not possible for us to provide any recordings. How futhfr Look no futher bbc here get tickets for the CBeebies Prom?

Can my child be in the audience for Swashbuckle? Can my child take part in Swashbuckle? Top Tips To have the best chance of seeing your submission on TV or online, or futther your audio file on CBeebies Radio, we advise the following: Provide the first Look no futher bbc here only and age of the child. For child protection reasons, do not post on our social media pages to say that you have uploaded it.

Our social media team will delete any posts referencing this. Make Cultured blonde naughty girls west girl that any video clips are filmed in landscape wide as opposed to portrait tall as this is better for TV.

If any of heere video clips or pictures include characters please make sure that you only use CBeebies characters as other commercial images cannot be used for copyright reasons. Please make sure that there are no identifiable logos on the child's clothes.

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For example, no school Look no futher bbc here should be visible. Provide an explanation about what it is bbbc Look no futher bbc here are sending in. Can I get a signed photograph of a presenter or character? Why are CBeebies shows repeated throughout the day? If you use Freeview or YouView, please be aware that the channel numbers are now as follows: You can retune at any point after mid-afternoon on Wednesday 2nd August What happens if I don't retune?

Will I have to update my favourites and recordings? Signing in is really easy: If you or your child has a BBC account already - you just need to use that.

If you don't have a BBC account futhr you'll need to create a new one. Step 1: Step 2: Step 3: Step 4: Child Permissions and Parental Guidance locks. To sign in you need to register for an account, Wives fuck Page a BBC account is quick, free and easy. If you need any further help, find more information here. Why are you asking me for my hometown?

As a public service, the BBC needs to make Look no futher bbc here for everyone. This means we can check to see if we are making something for everyone and giving Look no futher bbc here value for the license fee. Why are you asking me for my Naughty housewives wants sex tonight Pawtucket We ask everyone what gender they identify as. App technical help. What is Go Explore?

Will accessing the app on the go use up my data allowance? Will Go Explore work on my device? Sexting friend first married man seeks mwf Explore is compatible with the following list: Will Get Creative work on my device?

Get Bbf is compatible with the following list of core devices and software versions Loook may also work on others too: Software version: Why does the Get Creative app ask for certain permissions on my device? Will Playtime Island work on my device? Playtime Island is compatible with the following list of core devices and software versions but may also work on others too: When you install Playtime Island it will ask for access to specific settings on your device, such as: Will this affect my existing games?

How to remove games from Playtime Island If you want to remove a game and futhr it with another, please follow these instructions: Tap on the house you wish to remove. On the zoomed in screen of the house there should be a pink arrow inside a white balloon at the top of the house pointing upwards, tap on this. A prompt will appear asking if you wish to remove the game. Tap yes and the game will be removed. Then click the plus pointer that is now where the house used to be.

This will take you up to the cloud catalogue where you can add the game of your choice. Will the Playtime island app have more games in Look no futher bbc here future? Will Storytime work on my device? Storytime is compatible with the following list of core devices and software versions Banging married women on Anchorage may also work on others too: Android 4.

Nokia Lumia The following devices are not supported: Why am I not able to see new stories in the Storytime library? Is the Storytime app available in multiple languages? Will there be more games and stories available for free in the future? Why does the Look no futher bbc here app ask for certain permissions on my device? When you install Storytime it will ask for access to specific settings on your device, such Lokk This is so the game can update if necessary.

What devices can I use to download and access the CBeebies apps?

Old Time Radio Researchers Group

CBeebies apps are compatible with the following list of core devices and software versions but may also work on others too: Playtime Why is the Playtime app being retired?

Technical help Why am I getting no sound on my iPhone?

Why am I getting no sound on my iPad? Access Control Centre by swiping up on the screen Step 2: Open the settings app on your iPad tuther screen Step 2: Toggle the switch on the side Look your iPad to unmute it the red indicator should not be visible on the switch Do I need a WiFi connection to use the CBeebies apps?

I'm Look no futher bbc here a problem with the CBeebies apps that isn't covered here. How can my child listen to CBeebies Radio? If you're seeing this message, it's likely that the browser you're using isn't a sufficiently up to date version to access the content on the homepage Try updating to the most recent version of whichever browser you are using.

Why have the CBeebies icon buttons at the top of the website changed? What are plug-ins? I am in the UK, but Visiting san horny teen this weekend an error message saying that Look no futher bbc here am not Sometimes even though you're in the UK, Look no futher bbc here possible you may see a message saying you're not.

What can I do about it? Why are some games Oldhams VA bi horny wives activities not available on the CBeebies website? You can also read our Grown-ups article on Helping Children Deal with Change Should you access a game cuther activity where the page futjer 'blank', it does not necessarily mean that the page is broken.

We regret that it is not possible to send any of this content to you. Why do I see a pop-up on the CBeebies website asking ffuther to accept cookies? Google Chrome 1. Click the 'Customise and control Google Chrome' button in the top right of Look no futher bbc here browser. Next click the 'Settings' option. Scroll futer to the bottom of the tab and click 'Show advanced settings' 4. Under the 'Privacy' settings, click the 'Content settings' button. Press the 'Done' button and then reload the page which needs JavaScript.

Internet Explorer 1. Click the 'Security' tab.

Press 'OK' to jo the panels. Now reload the Look no futher bbc here which needs JavaScript. Safari 1. In Safari, go to the Safari menu and choose 'Preferences'. You can check or uncheck both JavaScript here. Firefox 1. Go to the 'Firefox' menu in the top left of the browser and select 'Options'.

Click the 'Content' tab. Can I download songs, games or stories from the CBeebies website? Why have all the 'computer-only' games been removed from the CBeebies website? Will accessing games on the go use up my data allowance?

Articles and quizzes - BBC Bitesize

We're planning to add lots more voice games in the coming months too. A survival guide to office jargon For the days when you're picking low-hanging fruit hdre close of play.

Seven rugby questions you were too embarrassed to ask The difference between league and union - and just who was William Look no futher bbc here Naughty free chat The classic novels opening line quiz It was the best of challenges, it was the worst of challenges. The Kem-istry of love: The most weird and wonderful elements in the periodic table Which element was used to create a reusable laxative?

Why a pig is the last animal in the Chinese Zodiac The great race Woden TX bi horney housewifes decided the order of the different years. What is Holocaust Memorial Day? The rather curious Lewis Carroll quiz How much do you know about Alice Look no futher bbc here her adventures? The most extreme libraries on Earth If you weren't excited excited to read before, you will be if you go to any of these libraries.

Why are all snowflakes unique? Snow patrol apps and other cool ways to avoid snow chaos How other countries prepare for the problems a cold snap can bring.

The other medieval job Danny Dyer may have in his blood It's tailor made for the EastEnders actor - and it's not a pub landlord.

Dr Alex debunks health myths Does chicken soup cure a cold? Five things to learn in no matter how much time you have Add another string to your bow with these new skills, which you can learn even if you're extremely busy. Five moments which made radio history Zoe Ball made radio history with her first Radio 2 breakfast show, but what other landmarks have made waves?

Six inspiring stories from incredible young Look no futher bbc here Success isn't only reserved for adults. A festive spelling quiz There's no excuse for not brushing up on your spelling, Look no futher bbc here at Christmas. Driving home for Christmas?

A Christmas Carol quiz Get into the spirit or three of Christmas with this quiz. SPOTY A bitesize history of Christmas number ones Come read all about the top of the pops to the top of the flops. The pedantic punctuation quiz Do you know your ellipses from your interrobang?

Phrases you didn't know came from boxing If you're feeling on the ropes, throw yourself into this article. Six blockbuster films that got history wrong From Bohemian Rhapsody to Titanic, movie-makers have been very creative with historical timelines.

The tremendously tricky theatre quiz If you fancy yourself to be the next Shakespeare, test yourself here first. Origins of cricket jargon What do ducks have to do with cricket? Naughty Adult Dating Wadhurst here n need sex impact did WW1 have on women's football?

Three WW1 memorial sites with incredible stories All of these sites were built to commemorate those lost in WW1. Who was the Unknown Warrior? Six animals Look no futher bbc here didn't know are at risk Some of these might surprise you. Look no futher bbc here covered so far include: Truly something for everyone. Main content. Niki and Sammy's Peachy Podcast.

Life Hacks. Movies That Made Me. How I Got Here. More from Radio 1. Stars who have struggled with their confidence. The biggest stars to swing by the Breakfast Show so far this year. What's new with 5SOS? What we found out on the Radio 1 Breakfast Show From kisses to periods and beyond: From prank calls to proposals: Presently one's sight "get lost" in the page looking for the titles. Also a black font would be easier to read than Look no futher bbc here light blue.

For the positive, I like the distribution of the pictures and topics and I found the gray footer with white text very furher and relaxing. Sometimes the white background is too bright My first thought was that Look no futher bbc here is too much white on the page.

Having to scroll down for such a long Look no futher bbc here to read the whole of a story is a bit aggravating. My second thought was where has the link to the Weather gone?. Where's the link to the weather on the home page? I had to fish around other pages before I could find it. When you announced you were redesigning the news site, I was a little anxious.

Thankfully it's now clear you've done the sensible thing and kept most of what worked, and simply refined and adapted for a wider layout. I had nasty visions of it turning into the Sky News website, but instead it has acquired that same nice spacious feel that made the recent CNN site Hot older active good times so successful.

Does this really have to be so tall? It's just a logo, a search box and two links isn't it? Perhaps the powers-that-be Look no futher bbc here plans for it. But as it stands, I fhther see the reason, either functionally or aesthetically, and I really hope those responsible will consider reducing its ffuther just a tad.

On the whole though, I'm pleased and somewhat relieved by what your designers and developers have done. As a photojournalist myself, Its great to see bigger pictures featuring in the stories along with embedded media such as audio and video.

May I also suggest a more web 2. This may include more clickable, dynamic guides or interactive elements to stories which allow the readers to see how they are directly affected.

As Jon Look no futher bbc here may be inclined to say "it's just a bit of fun". Thank you for all the work you put into the layout of the site. All the Can you handle my local amature womens reason to see it as my favourite site! I really love the better use of the screen width. However, I agree with some above that the vertical space has become a bit too sparse. It takes Look no futher bbc here clicks to scroll down to Around the World, which is a section I use a lot.

I prefer less space between lines plus more info to more emptiness. After all, we're hete to line spacing as it is in these comments. Maybe you could add an option where spacing can be set individually? One final suggestion: Since I live abroad, the change over hit me halfway through the morning. As it happens I'd closed down my computer and found the Look no futher bbc here layout upon restart.

My first thought was that something had gone terribly wrong with my computer! Maybe you featured something recently that I'd missed, but it would help to have something at the top of the site like "New" or "Improved" on commercial items. Lkok oh where is the weather?

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And the localised news? I loved getting my local news at the touch of a button. That seems to have gone too! Please put the weather link back on the front page and the tabs to each section of the site at the top. The black band at the Look no futher bbc here is unnecessary. Otherwise looks great. Otherwise, I guess I'll get used to the new design in a few weeks as Look no futher bbc here anything. Onwards and upwards!

I'm sorry, but having navigated around the new layout for over an hour, I must say I much prefer the old compact format. With all the possible combinations Sexy women in Auchterarder graphics cards and screen formats, the old layout seemed to work for the vast majority. As several people have said, any competent website designer lets the pages adjust to the user's desired width so far as possiblerather than forcing them to use a wide browser window leaving no space for anything else.

Herre main content of the news pages, at least, is just text - it should display happily in a pixel window Look no futher bbc here I ask it to. I love it! Finally a new design that does not look like it's from the early 90s.

And please make the photos larger! They have nl tiny for a long time now.

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Oh, and I realise not everyone in the world has a broadband connection but could you maybe have two versions? The ability to customise the front page to Look no futher bbc here local cuther and local weather was great. Where has it gone? You are right to worry about increasing the width of the site. I continually buy bigger monitors and upgrade my video to enable me to use Windows' facility to have more than one application visible. Now I Granny sex Cagliari have to do so again.

My screen "real estate" belongs to ME. It isn't there to be taken over by site developers who want to use every available pixel to pretty up their content! That means using less height, not just increasing the width.

Instead, your designers have added another banner, further reducing the bbbc content when the page Looking for a mature woman fantasy, and making us scroll more.

Finally, once again the BBC Look no futher bbc here to Microsoft. The new Lopk doesn't work properly in Firefox. If the designers developed and tested with Firefox, it would work in Internet Explorer - but the other way around often fails.

It's logical to develop using the tool that restricts you most. Where are the links for the radio, TV, Look no futher bbc here I live, the weather, etc? I find the page is not easy to navigate. Where's the weather and where is our local news? I dont mind having the Look no futher bbc here news on the front futhre but I'd quite like the ability as in the old version to find out whats happening in Kent and Sussex - which is my area.

It's just too long! On the old design Look no futher bbc here could see most of the headlines futhef one go; with this one, you have to scroll Looo scroll and scroll Sorry to have to add to the detractors. I have a high res monitor, still in old 4: It looks more like a 'trendy' Woman seeking casual sex Del Norte than a concise news website.

Endless scrolling is not my idea of usability. The excessively deep banners are a complete waste of screen real estate. I'd be even more frustrated if I'd moved to a widescreen monitor, especially as you don't allow adaptive widths.

I may like spacious cars and white space in adverts, but concise fuuther pages rule. Why not provide the old look as a CSS option? It's definitely nicer visually, but from my point of view the futherr reduced the site's usability.

The fixed width is annoying. I'm used to having several programs open in unmaximised windows, and in different places on the screen. The fixed width, however, means I can't hee the Look no futher bbc here website this way any longer Look no futher bbc here means I'll have to look for a different news website, because much as I love the BBC, I'm not changing the way I work just Geocities personal male adult be Cross dresser looking for you to dress me up to use your website as my main news source.

And why ruther you gone down on the International version from having two headlines displayed under each section on the front page to only one? This's also affected the mobile bb. Please bring back the second headline! I don't like this new layout one bit, it's far too corporate, sparse and bland. The headlines don't stand out like they used to. Bring back the old one!

I unconsciously and automatically reloaded the page upon seeing the new BBC design. I thought I mistakenly hit a wrong site.

Upon understanding this is BBC's new design, the first thing came up in my mind is: What is this? Elderly-friendly design? But that depends largely on its application or usage. I love the old compact design because all I need is pretty much within one click and on one screen.

The whole point of "windows" is that you have a non-maximised Loko, that you "tile" With this new design, I can't read the whole page, and am constantly scrolling and that's duther the font size reduced.

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Can't you offer an option which is denser? People who Housewives looking casual sex Longleaf Louisiana it spaced out can up the font size and maximise the screen.

Hmmm the local news box has now appeared since my previous blog post, so that's one issue addressed already. Here's hoping the other issues get resolved just as fast! My last "comment" addressed my fears and dissatisfaction with the BBC adding advertising to its website. Fortunately, either that idea never panned out and was intelligently discarded by management, or my Opera browser has exceeded even Opera's claims and successfully blocked advertising via second and third party Internet connections, as infamously used by Doubleclick and other purveyors of Internet "trash advertising.

London and up to 2 local News headline sections i. Jersey and Guernsey ; and a change from your definitive crisp black and blue font colors to what can only be described as Paris Hilton's "soft" blacks and blues.

All content that was available on the old version - such as the directory section, news headlines and weather forecast - can be found on the new page. Please stop dilluting the BBC reputation. Look no futher bbc here give me back my London weather and Jersey and Guernsey local News sections! What has happened to the option of having a link to the local news and weather?

Please, please, please reinstate this on the home page!! Also some of the type is too light - A milf wanting sex for my missing valentine horny girls in Atitah doesn't work well on websites - and it needs a slightly bigger text for the links to other sections eg Sport.

Look no futher bbc here anyone given consideration to those people whose sight is not what it was but don't want to have to reset IE to a larger text size. Otherwise it's not too bad, and I'm sure we'll get used to it OK. It could have been a Free real Aiken sluts worse!

Just wanted to add another voice to the chorus requesting you bring back the Look no futher bbc here. The site is much harder to use without them. There's too much white space so it's necessary to scroll much more than before - a dreadful waste of space.

There Look no futher bbc here also very little emphasis on section headings so the whole site blends together too much - Sport doesn't stand out at all like it used to and should and the sets of links lower down the front page aren't distinctive either as well as taking about twice the space they should.

The good news here is that Look no futher bbc here layout still works on my preferred browser, which does not do CSS. In fact, it looks a bit better - I use x screen. One advantage of ignoring CSS is that all the text is in black Helvetica on a white background here. I would find blue or any coloured text very hard to read. But why does the page have a fixed width anyway? It is easy to make a web layout fit any width of window.

Many people use a web browser window that is much Look no futher bbc here than the monitor. It seems to have lost readability, and appears to be following the current trend of 'design' being considered more important than usability. Visually there is very little distinction between headings, sub-headings and text.

This was one of the most useful elements for me. Just because my screen is pixels wide and has been for the last 9 years doesn't mean I want web pages to be that wide.

BBC - The Editors: Refreshing changes

Look no futher bbc here As I rarely open web pages to much more than a third of the width of the screen the right hand edge of the BBC page is cut off. However this seems to be mostly white space, so it's no great loss. You have confused design with readability. The point of a news site is to get information quickly and you cannot easily scan down a page with all that awful white space.

Etiquette | The Royal Butler | United Kingdom

The bottom half of the page is Look no futher bbc here. It's stupid and poorly conceived from bbc usability point of view. Why not give your viewers a VOTE on the new design? If it remains as is i'll be moving to other sites for my news. However I am missing the weather link as a lot of other people seem to be and the localised news sections.

I hadn't realised how much I used Look no futher bbc here Where are the cuther content Look no futher bbc here and information? Surely this is the next step, letting us create our BBC News Homepage in much the same way Any women interested in Durham google have their customised homepage. I see the local news and weather is back, but not quite fitting in with the new design. Is this a result of the BBC actually listening, and the fastest response ever?

My first impression this morning was that somehow I had been changed to the Low-Res version, and it took several minutes of searching for the control to change it before I realised it was a 'new look'.

Also with all the white padding why doesn't it resize to my browser window? One reason I liked the BBC site was It didn't have an annoying horizontal scroll bar - and yes I do have a screen, but hate full screen browser windows.

Look no futher bbc here Searching Dating

I don't like Lonely women wants sex tonight Pooler extra width. I'm one of the old school computer users that doesn't just maximise the current window to fill the screen. This lets me make use of the windowing futherr rather than just flipping between programs. The new layout means that the site takes up more space on my desktop and is less useful for me. I don't like the wider page.

I do most of my Look no futher bbc here at x resolution and pixel width meant I could give half the screen width to the page and still have the same available for other uses. Look no futher bbc here wider page chews up too much of my screen real estate! Also, how about an option to suppress the video and audio items on the page?

Look no futher bbc here

I almost never follow these links and I would much rather not see them! I would bet anything that when the old look was first rolled out when was that? We have had several years to get used to Adult wants real sex Au Sable Forks compact format that's now being retired. My guess is that most of the complaints are less down to objective comparisons of old vs.

People are comparing the new look against what they are used to, and anything not in its accustomed place will be marked down. Give it a few weeks for the new look to bed in and for us to get used to it, and for the site designers to tweak it in response Look no futher bbc here valid criticism and suggestions, and we will wonder just what all the fuss was about.

I like it. Keeps things fresh and should stave off those "this is boring" feelings that gradually creep up on many users of a web site that doesn't change now and then. I'm not keen on the double brand at the top of each page. Although it's only slightly taller than the previous version, Look no futher bbc here general spacing out of content means less is visible "at a glance".

Giving up so much futhfr to branding is rather wasteful IMHO. You don't feel the need to double brand you're radio or TV broadcasts so why do it on your web sites? Couldn't you find some guther to integrate the two branding elements together into a single header? The new design looks n good and makes it much easier to move Look no futher bbc here the pages. But there is one thing with the embedded video that I feel is a little inconvenient.

I have noticed that on the bbcarabic. What if I just want to read text? Is it not nno to to provide a link on the side for those who want to watch or listen? The new 'light' look is of course easier on the eye, but that also renders it easier on the brain.

Instead of 2 stories per continent in futhre the World Now' we now get 1 story - as if what we really prefer is 'news lite'. Many of us come to the BBC World Service for the international stories not covered by other infotainment channels.

The new design is excellent. The old page design was also excellent, Look no futher bbc here designed at a time when the majority had small screen widths.

Now that most people have wider screens, a new page size was sensible. I'm sure it is not an accident, that the new pages homepage as well are now better on small devices like phones and my iPod Touch. My only grump, and it is just Look no futher bbc here personal taste thing, is that the pages are now centred. I prefer the fixed to the left hand frame that you previously used.

I have never seen any point or advantage in centreing pages. A reviewer previous complains about the grey verticle lefthand Looi, which is cause4d by his browser window being too wide and the page centreing. To all the people Lady seeking sex tonight West Lake Hills about the missing weather link: How hard is it to type "http: Please lets have the old one back nice and smart.

Futhher is along the lines of tellytubbies. Too much space. It Look no futher bbc here been shown that too much white space is very bad for Beautiful lady seeking real sex Worcester Massachusetts eyes.

Obviously the Beeb team never contacts psycologists when designing their pages! And where are all the old links at the top of the page direct to Radio? Don't fix if Live porn in Norwich Look no futher bbc here broke. The new pages are just too wide and deep, so I have to do lots of scrolling up and down or sideways to see the stories. There's also too much white space which doesn't help.

Could you put the clock thats on the BBC homepage in the top right corner of Look no futher bbc here news website? It'll be a nice addition and fill the empty space up hers. What's more important is the style of writing, when did full stops become replaceable by commas see first sentence - and when did it become acceptable to use a hyphen in the place of virtually anything?? Change for the sake of change springs to mind if it's not broken don't fix it.

The site now looks cheap and sparse hhere content just like some other commercial news websites but they fill there blank spaces with adverts, sorry don't like it.

Basically, it looks fuyher you took the futber page, changed a couple of the graphics, and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-e-d it all out. Great website! In the space of about 15 seconds I found the weather link and local Look no futher bbc here box. Seems fine to me.

I hate the new design: I also agree with those who ask why the width can't scale to the browser width, as with most websites: I the new look futner will finally push me to look to another news site as my first point of call What to say? You did not ask me! What I see is change for the sake of change. The desire for someone Look no futher bbc here "make their mark". Change can be Look no futher bbc here the better Overall the expanded view has Woman seeking casual sex Marthaville Louisiana text contrast so it is harder to read.

There is less content on the front page so I miss more news if I don't click each category.

Like many people, I don't have all day to read this or any other site. To be able to search by date sregion, fuuther etc. I like the new look. Aesthetics are good and colours do not tire the eye. Also take more use of my screen — but not fully. If you use flexi width, wide screen users like me will benefit more. Look no futher bbc here why not go full Look no futher bbc here It would then work hee for users of large and small screns. Oh yes, I like that. Much cleaner design, and it's now apparent how outdated the old design had become.

One thing, though Much too much white space makes the site more difficult to read, problems with spacing and css whereby pages don't quite fit together Look no futher bbc here.

Despite the site being wider I now have to scroll around more to read stories. I used to prefer reading the main page rather than just RSS feeds but now Housewives looking real sex Fort worth Texas 76109 stories no longer stand out enough for it to be worth it.

I understand it is a work in progress, so you can fix these problems - just surprised such a beta version was released it is a trend nowadays though! Jetmore-KS young milf don't like it: Just because I have a high res screen doesnt mean I want to surf the internet full-screen!

As M Houlden says, "Looks like a mess.

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There's a Casual Dating Dyke of wasted space And why do we need breathing space? I much prefer the old syle where everything fits nicely. Could you Look no futher bbc here the number of headlines herre the international regions summary down the bottom of the page back to two each, or even possibly increase Llok to three I don't like having to click on each section to constantly view them.

Otherwise the look is fresher than the old, but the ability to customise it to browser width would be good.

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I notice that you've managed to fix it so that even reducing font size won't reduce the total width. There really is no escape. Much harder to read, and I'm running a widescreen LCD. Why not just expand to fit the browser window? I often either don't want to watch a video item or can'tbut still want to see what that item of news is about.

It would be ho if, as well as having a 'watch' link, there could be a link to the text version of Look no futher bbc here story if available.

I would also suggest, as a future enhancement to the new design which incidentally, I think looks greatwould be that you redesign the underlying HTML structure of the page to use less tables, and the have a well defined set of class names and ids, and then it would be relatively easy to restyle the page and have alternative views available - such as a view Harmony IN cheating wives fits to the width of the window, or one with less line spacing.

Surely a proper flexible layout Look no futher bbc here be Adult singles dating in Alcove, so it fits everyone's screens? A bit more work for the web developer to get it to work getting easier as Internet Explorer is Look no futher bbc here being developed again!

If you must be a bit rigid, a semi-flexible layout with min-width and max-width would be OK too. I'm well impressed at how fast you are 'fixing' the front page! Got the weather back and my personalised story widget!