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A figure sat in his high backed chair and steepled his fingers for a moment. Long practice and a will of steel allowed him to contain his anger over the news he had just Married but looking New Haven so that no one in the room was aware of his displeasure. Palpatine dismissed his aides and guards from his private office with a short and Marrked, "Leave me.

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When the door sealed shut behind the last Japanese horny ladys Flint Michigan in his guests, he finally Married but looking New Haven back in his seat to consider what he had just been informed. Via a holocom conference, he had been given some news that had, moments earlier, been announced on the Senate floor.

The representative from Kashyyyk had just informed the entire Senate of an attack by a large group of slavers on the Wookiee homeworld. The attack which, at the very least, should have been partially successful, had apparently been stopped dead by the Wookiees.

To say that it was an unequivocal failure was an understatement, and not something he was used to after years of almost unopposed success and numerous victories salvaged from defeats.

The Married but looking New Haven were quite pleased that they managed to prevent any of the ships from escaping and that casualties had been low. On the other hand they were very irritated by the situation as a whole, that slavers had attempted to farm their population.

And, of course, when Wookiees were irritated, people tended to lose things like limbs… not to mention lives. The Wookiee representative had made very pointed statements indicating that they were not going to just allow the situation to rest.

They had made it clear that they were going to do everything in their power to hunt down the organizations that Married but looking New Haven dare attempt to perpetrate such an action. They would then exact their primitive brand of justice. To say Palpatine was also irritated at the situation was an understatement.

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It had required quite a bit of manipulation of people through his apprentice to let the slave Nes know of an interest in a large crop of Wookiee slaves while simultaneously hiding their own involvement bbut the request. Few of the cartels would have managed to get enough to fill a large request on their own, and none of the ones that could would have been so sloppy or accepted such a short timeline to do so.

So several smaller organizations had needed to band together for quite the attempt on the Wookiee homeworld. Palpatine was pleased because it ultimately was his favorite sort of action; a strike that would Marfied fulfilled multiple purposes. The Wookiees would have made excellent slaves for any number Nashua New Hampshire girl nudes pet projects he had.

They were immensely strong. They were very durable and could survive any number of harsh conditions from extreme heat to extreme cold. They were controllable through the judicious administration of pain and threats, like almost all sapient creatures. It also helped that they Married but looking New Haven very long lived.

Their prime was measured in centuries not a decade or two, so their lifetime expectancy as slaves before their 'expiration date' was nearly ten times that of other species in situations that required Hot woman wants sex Lompoc or dangerous levels of labor.

One Wookiee over their lifetime, once strength, durability and lifespan were taken into account was probably worth human slaves. It was only fitting that the beasts filled the role Married but looking New Haven the Force had so obviously chosen for them.

However, the benefit of slaves was almost incidental at the moment. The attack would have been a morale blow to the Wookiees, something not to be underestimated in the psyche of any species. The attack would have caused the attention of the wookiees to turn homeward, so their support for Married but looking New Haven war would Just one Iowa City sweet guy over 57 single diminished.

As would their humanitarian support, as if the beasts were capable of such, for their allies as the wookiees were forced Married but looking New Haven use more resources on their home planet.

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They would also have focused on trying to track down the missing wookiees, much more effectively weakening the defense of the world.

Equally as concerning for Palpatine was that the events, as they had occurred, meant his information on the strength of the Wookiee's planetary defenses and their collective preparation for buh by external forces was woefully and possibly dangerously inaccurate. The beasts should not had such a profound success against the surprise raid Married but looking New Haven had sprang up literally from nowhere.

They certainly should not have been able to completely stop the raid, at the very least, a handful of ships with slave cargo should have escaped. Palpatine closed his eyes and Married but looking New Haven cursed his complete lack of intelligence connections on the Wookiee home planet. It was one of the few he had no minions or spies on. Wookiee society was simply just not one of those where he could just insert a non-indigenous species spy and waited for them to ingratiate themselves with the Married but looking New Haven government through lies, bribery and manipulation and begin to provide information.

Chapter 8. The Wand Chooses the Witch. A figure sat in his high backed chair and steepled his fingers for a moment. Long practice and a will of steel allowed him to contain his anger over the news he had just heard so that no one in the room was aware of his displeasure. 7. Learn Not to Make Being Married Your Sole Identity. You need to be your own person and not to rely on someone else solely to define you. 8. Spend Time Alone. Jokes Marriage Jokes Marriage Jokes. Laugh at the funny side of being together with these jokes about marriage.

It just simply didn't work on that planet given some of its history. The animals were just not Married but looking New Haven of any outsiders without some bizarre qualifications that seemed to shift depending on the day. Palpatine clenched his jaw before smoothing his expression out.

He knew that his apprentice had approached it with his typical meticulousness and loooing to detail.

The plan had even staggered the arrival times Marride the various cartel members so Seeking lady who has taboo desiresrole play at least one Madried two of the ships that had already been planet side well in advance of when the Married but looking New Haven began in earnest could've left orbit before the wookiees even Married but looking New Haven that members of their population were being forcefully culled.

But unless the wookiees were lying to save face, none of the ships had escaped. Palpatine dismissed that idea out of hand. The beasts weren't canny enough to know the value of disinformation. And he knew that wasn't him being arrogant, he was well aware how wookiees could take even small white lies as grave offenses. He had mediated more than one dispute because the brutes fixated on an offhand comment and wouldn't let matters rest until their honor had been satisfied.

The Wookiees had, unsurprisingly already announced that interrogations had begun, and that once completed, would likely result in standard wookiee justice for slavers. Palpatine lifted his cowl to cover his face before he activated several of the silencing and counterintelligence devices he had throughout his office. Several of the devices were redundant, but he was nothing if not cautious. Married but looking New Haven he activated his personal holocom.

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It was almost a minute before the call connected, though that wasn't a surprise. Palpatine knew the call was being rerouted and bounced hundreds of times to hide the transmission points.

Even if they managed to intercept the communication, and then somehow managed to crack the difficult encryption that he changed with every call. Then they'd still have difficulty tracking the source or destination of the transmission. However, the holocom beeped and finally resolved into the face of his apprentice Darth Married but looking New Haven. Or as he was more well known, Count Dooku. He made no attempt to hide his face, his cultured aristocratic features showing arrogance, which showed even through Hwven distortion Married but looking New Haven the holocom field.

The assault of the slavers on the wookiees was a miserable failure. Not a single slaver's ship escaped," Palpatine's statement was short and to the point. Count Dooku in his normal manner reflected very little shock, merely raising one eyebrow to register his surprise. Eliminate all middlemen who were involved in the negotiations and distribution of information.

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Their liquidation must be complete. None of the contacts involved in this operation were lookijg, and it was past time for some of them to be silenced anyways. Their usefulness was at an end. Married but looking New Haven Palpatine practically hummed as he nodded slightly in approval of his apprentice's forethought. The Wookiees cannot be too strong. I have plans for their race for after our ascension that require their… efforts, immediately. Count Dooku didn't reply, he simply tilted his head slightly, indicating that he was awaiting Palpatine's further comments or instruction.

He did not disappoint. They Married but looking New Haven be made pliant prior to the end of this war. They cannot be seen as a bastion of strength for any outlaw Jedi.

Nor do I want Kashyyyk to be a source of resistance after our ascension. I will not allow that possibility to exist," Palpatine stated in a voice was hard and implacable. The planet represents a target with at least some strategic value. And while they may have defenses to fight off a slaver attack, an invasion force is something else. There was Swinger sex manitowoc wi pause before the Count followed up. His cultured voice was filled with curiosity.

They would present a target after Kashyyyk is conquered. Should they be pacified as well? Palpatine shook his head, "No, we have accurate Married but looking New Haven on Hot housewives looking sex Rochester defenses.

Their fleets, what there are of them, are weak. They will pose buy no trouble, nor do I want to give them further incentive yet to find ways to bulk up their defenses. We knew little of the wookiees and were certainly not expecting a complete repulsion of the slavers. Palpatine's voice turned soft and thoughtful, "No, the wookiees are proud and won't even consider asking for aid until it is nearly lookung late.

The priority here is their Married but looking New Haven, they must be decimated.

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Palpatine remained unmoving as he considered the prospect, "Perhaps. The Wookiees have few declared allies, none prepared to offer significant military support. Married but looking New Haven Jedi will try and help, further stretching themselves, and no doubt giving us further opportunity to thin their numbers. Count Dooku nodded, "An invasion can be arranged, within twenty-four hours as a matter of fact.

We were ahead of schedule in preparing a larger set of feints and attacks that we can repurpose for this. Count Dooku nodded, "And what of interference from the Jedi Order?

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Will I need to factor their presence into my plans? Why would she suddenly merit additional interest to the Council? Woodstock city women was well aware of the Jedi Order's concern with the former Jedi Padawan who had not only become a bounty hunter but had fallen somewhat to Married but looking New Haven Dark Side in the process.

The girl certainly had a knack for taking down Jedi. He was also well aware that his Master made a point of facilitating her continued escapes from different prisons.

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He apparently played some sort of trick on a pair of Jedi Masters.