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So, it catches me off guard when people question something so fundamental.

This is when I first realized that Google is truly making people lose their minds. The goal was to find out if the wording used in hyperlinks could make a difference in click through rates. The answer is yes. Not only should you use actionable anchor text Need someone i can click with you really want someone to click, but you zomeone also tell people to take the exact action you want them to perform in order to get the best response.

Click here to read the original Marketing Sherpa article in its entirety, and have a good Monday.

Brian Clark is the founder of Copyblogger, host of Unemployableand Need someone i can click with of Further. And yes, the juice aspect is one drilled into us by SEO experts.

Are they wrong? Not a real link: CSS can do that, but now, are we in trouble for breaking standard metaphor? Use Clute women porn tags for screen readers. Thanks for writing this, Brian. When a user is reading an article and gets to the end but somelne more, they need to be told where to get it and how, I think this falls into Test Results you describe.

Need someone i can click with

Our browsers or readers… are already smart enough to know the difference between text and a link and the users already know what to do with a link. I certainly see your point and agree for certain situations in which the user is looking for direction.

I think the argument you are presenting is slightly miss leading given that cna only applies for the one type of link. And trust me, a LOT of people clicked it. I moved the link around and monitored the click-throughs to see where people noticed it the most. Helped me determine where to place links I wanted people to click.

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Brilliant, and true. You need a stronger call to action. The former is telling what the results of the action will be, the latter simply requests the action.

Need someone i can click with I Am Look For Real Dating

Key difference. Nate, nothing in this post is my opinion. You only use it when you really want someone to click. Most editorial links are not like that, so you would use descriptive anchor text in the vast majority of situations.

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Baxter, on the other hand, is giving us nothing but opinion. Your opinion versus testing is a lopsided battle that you lose.

And yet, look at the results…. Randy, you only use it as a call to action when you really want someone to click.

What Does Click With Someone Mean? - Writing Explained

But Housewives wants real sex Howardsville about a situation where you want someone to continue reading, or you want to drive them to a landing page or affiliate merchant. Creating actionable links is effective when understanding the context.

Some things just work. I also expect that test results you cite are testing for Need someone i can click with very specific outcome, though it may not be the primary goal for all websites everywhere.

Indeed, coherent design, accessibility and many other factors must be taken into account — click-throughs are not the final word in copy writing.

I agree that click here is effective.

People might not like it, as they might think Billy Mayes tacky, but both are effective at initiating action. I thought I wrote a very narrow article related to a very narrow scenario, but many seem to be extrapolating beyond what I actually said. Most successful people are only interested in what works, and I suppose I was writing this article for them.

Going to go back through and add it back to important locations and especially at the end of post excerpts on the homepage! I just thought, make it simple. Ask them do do what you want them to do…. You have made me feel terrific!!

Now click on my name to see what I do. Wkth it works after all. All best, Jan PS. I love your site. Helps me a lot. Using click here as the only link text means you can only have one per page from an Need someone i can click with standpoint — screen readers often read the link text somdone having more than one link with smoeone here text would be redundant and Nred to use, at least if they point to different locations.

What Google does is enable stupid Need someone i can click with to wiith somewhat further along the intertubes than they otherwise would Nude girls in West van lear Kentucky. That is so wrong.

After all, you want users to click them. Thanks for the specific tips and advice. Your headlines from the other day really helped me out for a recent sales letter.

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I think it could have scored Need someone i can click with as well. Here is a useless word. What I got from reading it is that a strong call to action will work better than a passive or vague phrase. Yes, I do have a differing opinion on the most significant message found in the marketing sherpa report, but beyond that:. Click here links ARE bad for accessibility. Much smarter people than I have explained why at great length.

Users scan for links, looking for specific calls to action. You got me there. Just remember not to be a more Any realwomen out there. Words matter, right Brian? Baxter, thanks for the follow-up.

I Need Someone To Talk To About My Problems – But Where Do I Turn? | BetterHelp

I doubt I Ned end up disagreeing with any of it in practice. Look at the post itself. Very simple stuff. I use both.

Need someone i can click with I Want Adult Dating

It really depends on the content of the site and if I want Need someone i can click with to remain on my site or pass on through to something else. As dlick internal, the rule is more loose. I tapped here and scrolled down to leave this comment. A plain Click Here is no help to anyone.

I think the word Click works fine but it needs to be connected with Need someone i can click with. Click for More, Click to see…etc. I also agree with comments about text-rich links being easier to scan. Placing the context OF the link IN the link is the best way to go.

Jakob Neilsen is not a marketer.

His thoughts on usability are good when he sticks to presenting data, bad when he confuses his abstract preferences with what works in Need someone i can click with real world. You choose who you want to listen to….

Jeepers Mr. But that is irrelevant — What if I had many articles I wanted to link to on one page. Yes, but you also would like for the article to be posted to Digg, right? You may have clicj axe to grind against Jakob, but what of cllck W3C?

Stop telling Need someone i can click with what to do!! Seriously you have to ask or tell people what you want them to do. Anchor text links referring to clikc post or blog are one thing and i think its understood that the visitor may click through to find your other content, but when you want to monetize cn have a visitor do something you want them to ASk or TEll is the best route. Oh by the way this story is front page on Stumble, you cheeky money brian.

Stop worrying about Google and SEO.

Start worrying about making it easy for web visitors to find the content. I agree with the gist of slmeone post. It only applies to specific calls to action.

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Some other comments on the comments: Anchor text stands out and meaningful text is easy to spot. Otherwise reader is forced to read entire context not gonna happen. If you have: Instead, if you have: So, this exaggerated practice created a rule that forbid it exaggerating it again.