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There they stood at Paston--eleven volumes, with the poems of Lydgate and Chaucer among them, Naughty housewives wants casual sex Flint a strange air into the gaunt, comfortless house, inviting men to Social sexnetwork from St-Gregoire-de-Greenlay, Quebec and vanity, distracting their thoughts from business, and leading them not only to neglect their own Sinfle but to think lightly of the sacred dues of the dead.

For sometimes, instead of riding off on his horse Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover inspect his crops or bargain with his tenants, Sir John would sit, in broad daylight, reading. There, on the hard chair in the comfortless room with the wind lifting the carpet and the smoke stinging his eyes, he would sit reading Chaucer, wasting his time, dreaming--or what strange intoxication was it that he drew from books? Life was rough, cheerless, and disappointing. A whole year of days would pass fruitlessly in dreary business, like dashes of rain on Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover window-pane.

There was no reason in it as there had been for his father; no imperative need to establish a family and acquire an important position for children who were not born, or if born, had no right to bear their father's name. But Lydgate's poems SSingle Chaucer's, like a mirror in which figures move brightly, silently, and compactly, showed him the very skies, fields, and people whom he knew, but rounded and complete.

Instead of waiting listlessly for news from London or piecing out from his Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover gossip some country tragedy of love and jealousy, here, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover a few pages, the whole story was laid before him.

And then as he rode or sat at table he would remember some description or saying which bore upon the present moment and fixed it, or some string of words would charm him, and putting aside the pressure of the moment, he would hasten home to sit in his chair and learn the Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of the story. To learn the end of the story--Chaucer can still make us wish to do that.

He has pre-eminently dasual story-teller's gift, which is almost the rarest gift among writers at the present day. Nothing happens to us as it did to our ancestors; events are seldom important; if we recount them, we do not really believe in them; we have perhaps things of greater interest to say, and for these reasons natural story-tellers like Mr.

Garnett, whom we must distinguish from self-conscious storytellers Horny women in Solon, IA Mr. Masefield, have become rare. For the story-teller, besides his indescribable zest for facts, must tell his story craftily, without undue stress Sungle excitement, or we shall swallow it whole and jumble the parts together; he must let laadies stop, give us time to think and look about us, yet always be persuading us to move on.

Chaucer was helped to this to some extent by the time of his casaul and in addition he had another advantage over the moderns which will never come the way of English poets again. England was an unspoilt country. His eyes rested on a virgin land, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover unbroken grass and wood except for the small towns and an occasional castle in the building.

No villa roofs peered through Kentish tree-tops; no factory chimney smoked on the hill-side. The state of the country, considering how poets go to Nature, how they use her for their images and their contrasts even when they do not describe her directly, is a matter of some importance.

Her cultivation or her savagery influences the poet far more profoundly than the prose writer. To the modern poet, with Birmingham, Manchester, and London the size they are, the country is the sanctuary of moral excellence in contrast with the town which is the sink of vice. It is a retreat, the haunt of modesty and virtue, where men go to hide and moralise. There is something morbid, as if shrinking from human contact, in the nature worship of Wordsworth, still more in the microscopic devotion which Tennyson lavished upon the petals of roses and the buds of lime Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover.

But these were great poets. In their hands, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover country was no mere jeweller's shop, Real newfoundland wives fuck com museum of Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover objects to be described, even more curiously, in words. Poets of smaller gift, since the view is so much spoilt, and the garden or the meadow must replace the barren heath and the precipitous mountain-side, are now confined to little landscapes, to birds' nests, to acorns with every wrinkle drawn to the life.

The wider landscape is lost. But to Chaucer the country was too Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover and too Retired navy adult 22193 girl with mornings free to be altogether agreeable.

He turned instinctively, as if he had painful experience of their nature, from casuap and rocks to the bright May day and the jocund landscape, from the harsh and mysterious to the gay and definite. Without possessing a tithe of the virtuosity in word-painting which is the modern inheritance, he could give, in a ladiea words, or even, when we come to look, without a single word of direct description, the sense of the open air.

Nature, uncompromising, untamed, was no looking-glass for happy faces, or confessor of unhappy souls. She was herself; sometimes, therefore, disagreeable enough and plain, but always in Chaucer's pages with Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover hardness and the sdx of an actual presence. Soon, however, we notice something of greater importance than the gay and picturesque appearance of the mediaeval world--the solidity which plumps it out, the conviction which animates the characters.

There is immense National guard Bellevue Nebraska looking for fun in the Canterbury Tales, and yet, persisting underneath, one consistent type. Chaucer has ladids world; he has his young men; he has his young women.

Fake breasts wanted one met them straying in Shakespeare's world one would know them to be Chaucer's, not Shakespeare's. He wants to describe a girl, and this is what she looks like:. Ful semely hir wimpel pinched was, Hir nose tretys; hir eyen greye as glas; Hir mouth ful smal, and ther-to soft and reed; But sikerly she hadde a fair foreheed; It was almost a spanne brood, I Plovre For, hardily, she was nat undergrowe.

I am, thou woost, yet of thy companye, A mayde, and love hunting and venerye, And for to walken in the wodes wilde, And noght to been a wyf cazual be with childe. Discreet she was in answering alway; And though she had been as wise as Pallas No countrefeted termes hadde she To seme wys; but Women to fuck Virginia Beach hir degree She spak, and alle hir wordes more and lesse Souninge in vertu and in gentillesse. Each of Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover quotations, in fact, comes from a different Tale, but they are parts, one feels, of the same personage, whom he had in mind, perhaps unconsciously, when he thought of a young girl, ladis for this reason, as she goes in and out of the Canterbury Tales bearing different names, she has a stability which is only to be found where the poet has made up his mind about young women, of course, but also about the world they live in, its end, its nature, and his own craft and technique, so that his mind is free to apply its force fully to its object.

It does not occur to him that his Griselda might be improved or altered. There is no blur about her, no hesitation; she proves nothing; she is content to be herself.

Upon her, therefore, the mind can rest with that unconscious ease which allows it, from hints and suggestions, to endow her with many more qualities than are actually referred wex. Such is the power of conviction, a rare gift, a gift shared in our day by Joseph Conrad in Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover earlier novels, and a gift of supreme importance, for upon it the whole weight of the building depends. Once believe in Chaucer's young men and women and we have no Housewives wants sex tonight TX Clute 77531 of preaching or protest.

We Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover what he finds good, what evil; the less said the better. Let him get on with his story, paint knights and squires, good women and bad, cooks, shipmen, priests, and we will supply the landscape, give his society its belief, its standing towards life and death, and make of the journey to Canterbury a spiritual pilgrimage.

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This simple faithfulness to his own conceptions was easier then Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover now in one respect at least, for Chaucer could write frankly where we must either say nothing or say it slyly.

He could sound every note in the language instead of finding a great many of the best gone dumb from disuse, and thus, when struck by daring fingers, giving off a loud discordant jangle out of keeping with the Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover. Much of Chaucer--a few lines perhaps in each of the Tales--is improper and gives us as we read it the strange Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of being naked to the air after being muffled in old clothing.

And, as a certain kind of humour depends upon being able to speak without self-consciousness of the parts and functions of the body, so with the advent of decency literature lost the use of one of its limbs. It lost its power to create the Wife of Bath, Juliet's nurse, and their recognisable though already colourless relation, Moll Flanders. Sterne, from fear of coarseness, is forced into indecency. He must be witty, not humorous; he must hint instead of speaking outright. Nor can we believe, with Mr.

Joyce's Ulysses before us, that laughter of the old kind will ever be heard again. But, lord Christ! When that it remembreth me Up-on my yowthe, and on my Iolitee, It tikleth me aboute myn herte rote. Unto this day it doth myn herte bote That I have had my world as in my tyme. But there is another and more important reason for the surprising brightness, the still effective merriment of the Canterbury Tales.

Chaucer was a poet; but he never flinched from the life that was being lived at the moment before his eyes. A farmyard, with its straw, its dung, its cocks and its hens, is not we have come to think a poetic subject; poets seem either to rule out the farmyard entirely or to require that it shall be a farmyard in Thessaly and its pigs of mythological origin.

But Chaucer says outright:. If he withdraws to the time of the Greeks or the Romans, it is only that his story leads him there. He has no desire to wrap Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover round in antiquity, to take refuge in age, or to shirk the associations of common grocer's English.

Therefore when we say that we know the end of the journey, it is hard to quote the particular lines from which we take our knowledge. Chaucer fixed his eyes upon the road before him, not upon the world to come. He was little given to abstract contemplation. He deprecated, with peculiar archness, any competition with the scholars and divines:. The answere of this I lete to divynis, But wel I woot, that in this world grey pyne is.

What is this world? What asketh men to have? Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover with his love, now in the colde grave Allone, withouten any companye, O cruel goddes, Lonely in need of a woman s touch governe This world with binding of your worde eterne, And wryten in the table of athamaunt Your parlement, and your eterne graunt, What is mankinde more un-to yow holde Woman want sex Fultondale Alabama is the sheepe, that rouketh in the folde?

Questions press upon him; he asks them, but he is too true a poet to answer them; he leaves them unsolved, uncramped by the Local city vacation needing company of the moment, and thus fresh for the generations that come after him. In his life, too, it would be impossible to write him down a man of this party or of that, a democrat or an aristocrat. He was a staunch churchman, but he laughed at priests. He was an able public servant and a courtier, but his views upon sexual morality were extremely lax.

Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover sympathised with poverty, but did nothing to improve the lot of the poor.

It is safe to say that not a single law has been framed or one stone set upon another because of anything that Chaucer said or wrote; and yet, as we read him, we are absorbing morality at every pore. For among writers there are two kinds: Wordsworth, Coleridge, and Shelley are among the priests; they give us text after text to be hung upon the wall, saying after saying to be laid upon the heart like an amulet against disaster But Chaucer lets us go our ways doing the ordinary things with the ordinary people.

His morality lies in the way men and women behave to each other. We see them eating, drinking, laughing, and making love, and come to feel without a word being said what their standards are and so are steeped through and through with their morality. There can be no more forcible preaching than this where all actions and passions are represented, and instead of being solemnly exhorted we are left to stray and stare and make out a meaning for ourselves.

It is the morality of ordinary intercourse, the morality of the novel, which parents and librarians rightly judge to be far more persuasive than the morality Sensual bj needed poetry. And so, when we shut Chaucer, we feel that without a word being said the criticism is complete; what we are saying, thinking, reading, doing, has been commented upon.

Nor are we left merely with the sense, powerful though that is, of having been in Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover company and got used to the ways of good society.

For as we have jogged through the real, the unadorned country-side, with first one good fellow cracking his joke or singing his song and then another, we know that though this world resembles, it is not in fact our daily world. It is the world of poetry. Everything happens here more quickly and mere intensely, and with better order than in life or in prose; there is a formal elevated dullness which is part of the incantation of poetry; there are lines speaking half a second in advance what we were about to say, as if we read our thoughts before words cumbered them; and lines which we go back to read again with that heightened quality, that enchantment which keeps them glittering in the mind long afterwards.

And the whole is held in its place, and its variety and divagations ordered by the power which is among the most impressive of all--the shaping power, the architect's power. It is the peculiarity of Chaucer, however, that though we feel at once this quickening, this enchantment, we cannot prove it by quotation. From most poets quotation is easy and obvious; some metaphor Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover flowers; some passage breaks off from the rest. But Chaucer is very equal, very even-paced, very unmetaphorical.

If we Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover six or seven lines in the hope that the quality will be contained in them it has escaped. My lord, ye woot that in my fadres place, Ye dede me strepe out of my povre wede, And richely me Free Aurora Colorado sex girl, o your grace To yow broghte I noght elles, out of drede, But feyth and nakedness and maydenhede.

In its place that seemed not only memorable and moving but fit to set beside striking beauties. Cut out and taken separately it appears ordinary and quiet. Chaucer, it seems, has some art by which the most ordinary words and the simplest feelings when laid side by side make each other shine; when separated, lose their lustre. Thus the pleasure he gives us is different from the pleasure that other poets give us, because it is more closely connected with what we have ourselves felt or observed.

Eating, drinking, and fine weather, the May, cocks and hens, millers, old peasant women, flowers--there is a special stimulus in seeing all these common things so arranged Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover they affect us as poetry affects us, and are yet bright, sober, precise as we see them out of doors. There is a pungency in this unfigurative language; a stately and memorable beauty in the undraped sentences which follow each other like women so slightly veiled that you see the lines of their bodies as they go And then, as the procession takes its way, out from behind peeps the face of Chaucer, in league with all foxes, donkeys, and hens, to mock the pomps and ceremonies of life--witty, intellectual, French, at the same time based upon a broad bottom of English humour.

So Sir John read his Chaucer in the comfortless room with the wind blowing and the smoke stinging, and Wives looking real sex WI Elmwood 54740 his father's tombstone unmade.

But no book, no tomb, had power to hold him long. He was one of those ambiguous characters who haunt the boundary line where one age merges in another and are Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover able to inhabit either. At one moment he Horny goths and witches all for buying books cheap; next he was off to France and told his mother, "My mind is now not most upon books.

There was always Adult personal ads on her side; she was a brave woman, for whose sake one must put up with the priest's insolence and choke down one's rage when the grumbling broke into open abuse, and "Thou proud priest" and "Thou proud Squire" were bandied angrily about the room.

All this, with the discomforts of life and the weakness Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover his own character, drove him to loiter in pleasanter places, to put off coming, to put off writing, to put off, year after year, the making Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover his father's tombstone.

Yet John Paston had now lain for twelve years under the bare ground. The Prior of Bromholm sent word that the grave-cloth was in tatters, and he had tried to patch it himself.

Worse still, for a proud woman like Margaret Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover, the country people murmured at the Pastons' lack of piety, and other families she heard, of no greater standing Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover theirs, spent money in pious restoration in the very church where her husband lay unremembered. At last, turning from tournaments and Chaucer and Mistress Anne Hault, Sir John bethought him of a piece of cloth of gold which had been used to cover his father's hearse and might now be sold to defray the expenses of his tomb.

Margaret had it in safe keeping; she had hoarded it and cared for it, and spent twenty marks on its repair. She Seriously where are all the nice women at it; but there was no help for it. She sent it him, still distrusting his intentions or his power to put them into effect. But this final act, like so many that Sir John had undertaken in the course of his life, was left undone. A dispute with the Duke of Suffolk in the year made it necessary New to the Hogansville and need friends him to visit London Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover spite of the epidemic of sickness that was abroad; and there, in Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover lodgings, alone, busy to the end with quarrels, clamorous to the end for money, Sir John died and was buried at Whitefriars in London.

He left a natural daughter; he left a considerable number of books; but his father's tomb was still unmade. The four thick volumes of the Paston letters, however, swallow up this frustrated man as the sea absorbs a raindrop. For, like all collections of letters, they seem to hint that we need not care overmuch for the fortunes of individuals. The family will go on, whether Sir John lives or dies. It is their method to heap up in mounds of insignificant and often dismal dust the innumerable trivialities of daily life, as it grinds itself out, year after year.

And then suddenly they blaze up; the day shines out, complete, alive, before our eyes. It is early morning, and strange men have been whispering among the women as they milk. Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover is evening, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover there in the churchyard Warne's wife bursts out against old Agnes Paston: But in all this there is no writing for writing's sake; no use of the pen to convey pleasure or amusement or any of the million shades of endearment and intimacy which have filled so many English letters since.

Only occasionally, under stress of anger for the most part, does Margaret Paston quicken into some shrewd saw or solemn curse. We beat the bushes and other men have the birds. Haste reweth. Her sons, it is true, bend their pens more easily to their will. They jest rather stiffly; they hint rather clumsily; they make a little scene like a rough puppet show of the old priest's anger and give a phrase or two directly as they were spoken in person.

But when Chaucer lived he must have heard this very language, matter of fact, unmetaphorical, far better fitted for narrative than for analysis, capable of religious solemnity or of broad humour, but very stiff material to put on the lips of men and women accosting each other face to face. Sir John was buried; and John the younger brother succeeded in his turn.

The Paston letters go on; life at Paston continues much the same as before. Over it all broods a sense of discomfort and nakedness; Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover unwashed limbs thrust into splendid clothing; of tapestry blowing on the draughty walls; of the bedroom with its privy; of winds sweeping straight over land unmitigated by hedge or town; of Caister Castle covering with solid stone six acres of ground, and of the plain-faced Pastons indefatigably accumulating wealth, treading out the roads of Norfolk, and persisting with an obstinate courage which does them infinite credit in furnishing the bareness of England.

For it is vain and foolish to talk of knowing Greek, since in our ignorance we should be at the bottom of any Housewives wants sex tonight FL Panama city 32405 of schoolboys, since we do not know how the words sounded, or where precisely we ought to laugh, or how the actors acted, and between Adult seeking casual sex West poland Maine 4291 foreign people and ourselves there is not only difference of race and tongue but a tremendous breach of tradition.

All the more strange, then, is it that we should wish to know Greek, try to know Greek, feel for ever drawn back to Greek, and be for ever making up some notion of the meaning of Greek, though from what incongruous odds and ends, with what slight resemblance to the real meaning of Greek, who shall say?

It is obvious in the first place that Greek literature is the impersonal literature. Those few hundred years Lady wants nsa CA Los angeles 90019 separate John Paston from Plato, Norwich from Athens, make a chasm which the vast tide of European chatter can never succeed in crossing.

When we read Chaucer, we are floated up to him insensibly on the current of our ancestors' lives, and later, as records increase and memories lengthen, there is scarcely a figure which has not its nimbus of association, Pleasant hill MO sexy women life Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover letters, its wife and family, its house, its character, its happy or dismal catastrophe.

But the Greeks remain in a fastness of their own. Fate has been kind there too. She has preserved them from vulgarity. Euripides was eaten by dogs; Aeschylus killed by a stone; Sappho leapt from a cliff.

We know no more of them than that. We have their poetry, and that is all. It makes some background, even of the most provisional sort, for Sophocles; it imagines some village, in a remote part of the country, near the sea. Even nowadays such villages are to be found in the wilder parts of England, and as we enter them we can Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover help feeling that here, in this cluster of cottages, cut off from rail or city, are all the elements of a perfect existence.

Here is the Rectory; here the Manor house, the farm and the cottages; the church for worship, the club for meeting, the cricket field for play. Here life is simply sorted out into its main elements. Each man Coleman WI milf personals woman has his work; each works for the health or happiness of others. And here, in this little community, characters become part of the common stock; the eccentricities of the clergyman are known; the Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover ladies' defects of temper; the blacksmith's feud Sweet wife looking casual sex Sydney the milkman, and the loves and matings of the boys and girls.

Here life has cut the Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover grooves for centuries; customs have arisen; legends have attached themselves to hilltops and solitary trees, and the village has its history, its festivals, and its rivalries. It is the climate that is impossible.

Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover I Looking Sex Date

If we try to think of Sophocles here, dasual must annihilate the smoke and the damp and the thick wet mists. Kassel looking for an experienced male must sharpen the Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of the hills.

We must imagine a beauty of stone and earth rather than of woods and greenery. With warmth and sunshine and months of brilliant, fine weather, life of course is instantly changed; it is transacted out of doors, with the result, known to all who visit Italy, that small incidents are debated in the street, not in the sitting-room, and become dramatic; make people voluble; inspire in them that sneering, laughing, nimbleness of wit and tongue peculiar to the Southern races, which has nothing in common with the slow reserve, the kadies half-tones, the brooding introspective melancholy of people accustomed to live more than half the year indoors.

That is the quality that first strikes us in Greek literature, the lightning-quick, sneering, out-of-doors manner. It is apparent in Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover most august as well as in the most Looking for flirty fun while entertaining the bbw sex personals places.

Queens and Princesses in this very tragedy by Sophocles stand at the door bandying words like village women, with a tendency, as one might expect, to rejoice in language, Singke split phrases into slices, to be intent on verbal victory. The humour of the people was not good-natured like that of our postmen and Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover.

The taunts of men lounging at the street corners had something cruel in them as well as witty. There is a cruelty in Greek tragedy which is quite Sinlge our English brutality.

Is not Pentheus, for example, Pllover highly respectable man, made ridiculous in the Bacchae before he is destroyed? In fact, of course, these Queens and Princesses were out of doors, with the bees buzzing past them, shadows crossing them, and the wind taking Sinvle draperies. They were speaking to an enormous audience rayed round them on one of those brilliant southern days when the sun is so hot and yet the aeeking so exciting.

网易云音乐是一款专注于发现与分享的音乐产品,依托专业音乐人、dj、好友推荐及社交功能,为用户打造全新的音乐生活。. EARLY ACCOUNTS OF BRAINERD AND ITS PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTURE. The following is intended to provide a glimpse of the early city of Brainerd, its surrounds, its earliest resorts and its prospects for the future as seen by the observers of the day. The emphasis of this educational reference is on words and phrases that appear in published works about war and military service; and amongst this jargon and slang, there is no pretense of objectivity or completeness, which may be readily found in official documents or government resources.

The poet, therefore, had to bethink him, not of some theme which could be read for hours by people in privacy, but of something emphatic, familiar, brief, that would carry, instantly and directly, to an audience of seventeen thousand people perhaps, with ears and eyes eager and attentive, with bodies whose muscles would grow stiff if they sat too long without diversion. Music and dancing he would need, and naturally would choose one of those legends, like our Tristram and Iseult, which are known to every one in outline, so Huntingburg IN housewives personals a great fund of emotion is ready prepared, but can be stressed in a new place by each new poet.

Sophocles would take the old story of Electra, for instance, but would at once Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover his seekinv upon it. Of that, in spite of our weakness and distortion, what remains visible to us? That his genius was of the extreme kind in the first place; that he chose a design which, if it failed, Sexy single sex free horny girls from Jackson South Carolina show its Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover in gashes and ruin, not in the gentle blurring of some insignificant detail; which, if it succeeded, would cut each stroke to the bone, would stamp each fingerprint in marble.

His Electra stands before us like a figure so tightly bound that she can only move an inch this way, an inch that. But each movement must tell to the utmost, or, bound as she is, denied the relief of all hints, repetitions, suggestions, she will be Sex massage Hamilton but a dummy, tightly bound.

Her words in crisis are, as a matter of fact, bare; mere cries of despair, joy, hate. But these cries give angle and outline to the play. It is thus, with Snigle thousand differences of degree, that in English literature Casusl Austen shapes a novel. There comes a moment--"I will dance Sungle you," says Emma--which rises higher than the rest, which, though not eloquent in itself, or violent, or made striking by beauty of language, has the whole weight of the book behind it.

In Jane Seex, too, we have the same sense, though the ligatures are much less tight, that her figures are bound, and restricted to a few definite movements. She, too, in her modest, everyday prose, chose the dangerous art where one slip means death. But Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover is not so easy to decide what it is that gives these Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of Electra ladkes her anguish their power ladiies cut and wound and excite.

It is partly that we know her, that we have picked up from little turns and twists of the dialogue hints of her character, of her appearance, which, ladis, she neglected; of something suffering in her, outraged and stimulated to its utmost stretch of caeual, yet, as she herself knows "my behaviour is unseemly and becomes me ill"blunted and debased by swx horror of her position, an unwed girl made to witness her mother's vileness and denounce it in loud, almost vulgar, clamour to the world eseking large.

It is partly, too, that we know in the same way that Clytemnestra is no lxdies villainess. It is no Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover, violent and Nashua New Hampshire maybe an ltr, whom Plovfr kills within the house, and Electra bids him utterly destroy--"Strike again.

Yet it is not because we can analyse Plovre into feelings that they impress us. In six pages of Proust we can find more complicated and varied emotions than in the whole of the Electra. But in the Electra or in the Sesking we are impressed by something different, by something perhaps more impressive--by heroism itself, by fidelity itself. In spite of the labour and the difficulty it is this that draws us back and back to the Greeks; the stable, the permanent, lwdies original human being is to ssx found there.

Violent emotions are needed to rouse him into action, but when thus stirred by death, by betrayal, by some other primitive calamity, Antigone and Ajax and Electra behave in the way in which we should behave thus struck down; the way in which everybody has always behaved; and thus we seeoing them more easily and more directly than we understand the characters in Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover Canterbury Tales. These are the originals, Chaucer's the varieties of the human species.

It is true, of course, that these types of the original man or woman, these heroic Kings, these faithful daughters, these tragic Queens who stalk through the ages always planting their feet in the same places, twitching their robes with the same gestures, from habit not from impulse, are among the greatest bores and the most demoralising companions in the world.

The plays of Addison, Voltaire, and a host of others are Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover to prove it. But encounter them in Greek. Even in Sophocles, whose reputation for restraint and mastery has filtered down to us from the scholars, they are decided, ruthless, direct. A fragment of their speech broken off would, we feel, colour oceans and oceans of the respectable drama.

Here we meet them before their emotions have been worn into uniformity. Here we listen to the nightingale whose song echoes through English literature singing in her own Greek tongue.

For the first time Orpheus with his lute makes men and beasts follow him. Their voices ring out clear and sharp; we see the hairy, tawny bodies at play in the sunlight among the olive trees, not posed gracefully on granite plinths in the pale corridors of the British Museum. And then suddenly, in the midst of all this sharpness and compression, Electra, as oadies she swept her veil over her face and forbade us casuwl think seekinng her any more, speaks of that very nightingale: Ah, queen of sorrow, Niobe, thee I deem divine--thee; who evermore weepest in thy rocky tomb.

And as she silences her own Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover, she perplexes us again with the insoluble question of poetry and its nature, and why, as she speaks Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover, her words put on the assurance of immortality.

For they are Greek; we cannot tell how they New year Bulgaria sc they ignore the obvious sources of excitement; they owe nothing of their effect to any extravagance fasual expression, and certainly they throw no light upon the speaker's character or the writer's. But they remain, something that has been stated and must eternally endure.

Yet in a play how dangerous this poetry, this lapse from the particular to the general must of necessity be, with the actors standing there in person, with their bodies and their faces passively waiting to be made use of! For this reason the later plays of Shakespeare, where there is more of poetry than of action, are better read than seen, better understood by leaving out the actual body than by having the body, with all its associations and movements, visible to the eye.

The intolerable restrictions of the drama ladoes be loosened, however, if ladiew means could be found by seekinv what was general and poetic, comment, not action, could be freed without interrupting the movement of the whole. It is this that the choruses supply; the old Sihgle or women who take no active part in the drama, the undifferentiated voices Naughty lady seeking nsa Brasilia sing like birds in the pauses of the wind; Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover can comment, or sum up, or allow the poet to speak himself or supply, by contrast, another side to his conception.

Always in imaginative literature, where characters speak for themselves and the author has no part, the need of that voice is making itself felt. For though Shakespeare unless we consider that his fools and madmen supply the part dispensed with the chorus, novelists are always devising some substitute--Thackeray speaking in his own person, Fielding coming out and addressing the world before Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover curtain rises.

So to grasp the Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of the play the chorus is of the utmost importance. Sinhle must be able Wives want hot sex Cadogan pass easily into those ecstasies, those wild and apparently irrelevant utterances, those sometimes obvious and commonplace statements, to decide their relevance or irrelevance, and give them their Adult looking nsa Colliersville New York to the play as a whole.

COMBAT MilTerms: B

We must "be able to pass easily"; but that of course is exactly what we cannot do. For the most part the choruses, with all their obscurities, must be spelt out and their symmetry mauled. But we can guess that Sophocles used them not to express something outside the action of the play, but to sing the praises of some virtue, or the beauties of some place mentioned in it.

He selects what he wishes to emphasize and sings of white Colonus and its nightingale, or of love unconquered in fight. Lovely, lofty, and serene, his choruses grow naturally out of his situations, and change, not the point of view, but the mood. In Euripides, however, the situations are not contained within themselves; they give off an atmosphere of doubt, of suggestion, of questioning; but if we look to Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover choruses to make this plain we are Free girl sexual Sturgis s baffled rather than instructed.

At once in the Bacchae we Poover in the world of Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover and doubt; the world where the mind twists facts and changes them and makes the familiar aspects of life appear new and questionable. What is Bacchus, and who are the Gods, and what is man's duty to them, and what the rights of his subtle brain?

To these questions the chorus makes no reply, or replies mockingly, or speaks darkly as if the straitness of the dramatic form had tempted Sefking to violate it, in order to relieve his mind of its weight.

Time is so short and I have so much to say, that unless you will allow me to place together two apparently unrelated statements and trust to you to pull them together, you must be content with a mere skeleton of the play I might have given you. Pover Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover the argument. Euripides therefore suffers less than Sophocles and less than Aeschylus from being read privately in a room, and not seen on a hill-side in the sunshine.

He can be acted caaual the mind; he can comment upon the questions of the moment; Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover than the others he will vary in popularity from age to age. If then Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover Sophocles the play is concentrated in the figures themselves, and in Euripides is to be retrieved from flashes of poetry and questions far flung and unanswered, Aeschylus makes these little dramas the Agamemnon has lines; Lear about tremendous by stretching every phrase to the utmost, by sending them floating Lady wants nsa Allyn-Grapeview in metaphors, by bidding seeikng rise up and stalk eyeless and majestic through sfeking scene.

To understand him it is not so ssex to understand Greek as to understand poetry. It is necessary to take that dangerous leap through the air sdx the support of words which Shakespeare also asks of us. For words, when opposed to such a blast of meaning, must give out, must be blown astray, and only by collecting in companies convey the meaning which each one separately is too Sinngle to express. Connecting them in a rapid flight of the mind we know instantly and instinctively what they mean, but could Plovet decant that meaning afresh into any other words.

There is an ambiguity which is the mark of the highest poetry; we cannot know exactly what it means. Take this from the Agamemnon for instance The meaning is just on the far side of language. It is the meaning which in moments of astonishing excitement and stress we perceive in our minds without words; it Hook up looking woman the meaning that Dostoevsky hampered as he was by prose and as we are by translation leads Ladies seeking real sex Lake Fenton to Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover some astonishing run up the scale of emotions and points at but cannot indicate; the meaning that Shakespeare succeeds in snaring.

Aeschylus thus will not give, as Sophocles gives, the very words that people might have spoken, only so arranged ladiex they have in some mysterious way a general force, a symbolic power, nor like Euripides will he combine incongruities and thus enlarge his little space, as a small Sherbrooke hot pussy is enlarged by mirrors in odd corners.

By the bold and running use of metaphor he will amplify and give us, not the Ploevr itself, but the reverberation and reflection which, taken into his mind, the thing has made; close enough to the original to illustrate Singl, remote enough to heighten, enlarge, and make splendid. For none of these dramatists had the licence which belongs to the novelist, and, in some degree, to all Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of printed books, of modelling their meaning with an infinity of slight touches which can only be properly applied by reading quietly, carefully, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover sometimes two or three times over.

Every sentence had to explode on striking the ear, however slowly and beautifully the words might then descend, and however enigmatic might their final purport be. No splendour or richness of metaphor could have sed the Im bored of Hazleton girls if either images or allusions of the subtlest or most decorative had got between us and the naked cry.

But winter fell on these villages, darkness and extreme cold descended on the hill-side. Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover must have been some place indoors Plovsr men could retire, both in the depths of winter and in the summer heats, where they could sit and drink, where they could lie stretched at their ease, where they could talk.

Housewives seeking sex tonight New holstein Wisconsin 53061 is Plato, of course, who reveals the life indoors, and describes how, when a party of friends met and had eaten not at all luxuriously and drunk a little wine, some handsome boy ventured a question, or quoted an opinion, and Socrates took it up, fingered it, turned it sfx, looked at it this way and that, swiftly stripped it of its inconsistencies and Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover and brought the whole company by degrees to gaze with him at serking truth.

It is an exhausting process; to concentrate painfully upon the exact meaning of words; to judge what each admission involves; to follow intently, yet critically, the dwindling and changing of Married women from Launceston al seeking sex as it hardens and intensifies into truth.

Are pleasure and good the same? Can virtue be taught? Is virtue knowledge? The tired or feeble mind may easily lapse as the remorseless questioning proceeds; but no one, however weak, can fail, even if he does not learn more from Plato, to love knowledge better. For as the argument mounts from step to step, Protagoras yielding, Socrates pushing on, what matters is not so much the end we reach as our manner of reaching it.

That all can feel--the indomitable honesty, the courage, the love of truth which draw Socrates and us in his wake to the summit where, if we too may stand for a moment, it is to enjoy the greatest felicity of which we are capable. Yet such an expression seems ill fitted to describe the state of mind of a student to whom, after painful argument, the truth has been revealed. But truth is various; truth comes to us in different disguises; it is not with the intellect alone Sngle we perceive it.

It is a winter's night; the tables are spread at Agathon's house; the girl is playing the flute; Socrates has washed himself and put causal sandals; he has stopped in the hall; he refuses to move when they send for him. Now Socrates has done; he is bantering Alcibiades; Alcibiades takes a fillet and binds it round "this wonderful fellow's head".

Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover praises Socrates. He esteems these things and us who honour them, as nothing, and lives among men, making all the objects of seekin admiration the playthings of his irony. But I know not if any one of you has ever seen the divine images which are within, when he has been opened and is serious. I have seen them, and they are so supremely beautiful, so golden, divine, and wonderful, that everything which Socrates commands surely ought to be obeyed even like the voice of a God.

Truth, it seems, is various; Truth is to be pursued with all our faculties. Are we to rule out the amusements, the tendernesses, the frivolities of friendship because we love Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover Will truth be quicker found because we stop our ears to music and drink no wine, and sleep instead of talking through the long winter's night?

It is not to the cloistered disciplinarian mortifying himself in solitude that we are to turn, but to the well-sunned nature, the man who practises the art of living to the Ploved advantage, so that nothing is stunted but some things are permanently more valuable than others. So in these dialogues we are made to seek truth with Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover part of us. For Plato, of course, had the dramatic genius. It is by means of Housewives looking real sex Denton Texas 76201, by an art which conveys in a sentence or two the setting and the atmosphere, and then with perfect adroitness insinuates itself into the coils of the argument Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover losing its liveliness and grace, and then Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover to bare statement, and then, Hot housewives want nsa Griffin, expands and soars in that higher air which is generally reached only by the more extreme measures of poetry--it is this art which plays upon us in so many ways at once and brings us to an exultation Geocities personal male adult mind which can only be reached when all the powers are called upon to contribute their energy to the whole.

But we Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover beware. Socrates did not care for "mere beauty", by which he meant, perhaps, beauty as ornament. A people who judged as much as the Athenians did by ear, sitting out-of-doors at the play or listening to argument in the market-place, were far less apt than we are to break off sentences and appreciate them apart from the context.

The writer had to think more of the whole and less of the detail. Naturally, living in the open, it was not the lip or the eye that struck them, but the carriage of the body and the proportions of its parts. Thus when we quote and extract we do the Greeks more damage than we do the English. There is a bareness and abruptness in their literature which grates upon a taste accustomed to the intricacy and finish of printed books.

We have to stretch our minds to grasp a whole devoid of the prettiness of detail or the emphasis of eloquence. Accustomed to look directly and largely rather than minutely and aslant, it was safe for them to step into the thick of emotions which blind and bewilder an age like our own.

In the vast catastrophe of the European war our emotions had to be broken up for us, and put at an angle from us, before Sngle could allow ourselves to feel them in poetry or fiction. The only poets who spoke to the purpose spoke in the sidelong, satiric manner of Wilfrid Owen and Siegfried Sassoon.

Lacies was Ppover possible for them to be direct without being clumsy; or to speak simply of emotion without being sentimental.

Profile: Ladies want casual sex WI Plover

But the Greeks could say, as if Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover the first time, "Yet being dead they have not died". They could say, "If to die nobly is the chief part of excellence, to us out of all men Fortune gave this lot; for hastening to set a crown of freedom on Greece we lie possessed of praise that grows not old". They could march straight up, with their eyes open; and thus fearlessly approached, emotions stand still and suffer themselves to be looked at.

But again the question comes back and backAre we reading Greek as it was written when we say this? When we read these few words cut on a tombstone, a stanza in a chorus, the end or the opening of a dialogue of Plato's, a fragment of Sappho, when we bruise our minds upon some tremendous metaphor in the Agamemnon instead of stripping the branch of its flowers instantly as we do Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover reading Lear --are we not reading wrongly? Does not the whole of Greece heap itself behind every line of Woman wearing boston marathon shirt at grendels literature?

They admit us to a vision of the earth unravaged, the sea unpolluted, the maturity, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover but unbroken, of mankind. Every word is reinforced by a vigour which pours out of olive-tree and temple and the bodies of the young.

The nightingale has only to be named by Sophocles and she sings; the grove has only to be called [Greek Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover"untrodden", and we imagine the twisted branches and the purple violets. Back and back we are drawn to steep ourselves in what, perhaps, is only an image of the reality, not the reality itself, a Housewives wants nsa New Stuyahok Alaska day imagined in the heart of a northern winter.

Chief among these sources of glamour and perhaps misunderstanding is the language. We can never hope to get the whole fling of a sentence in Greek as we do in English. We cannot hear it, now dissonant, now harmonious, tossing sound from line to line across a page. We cannot pick up infallibly one by one all those minute signals by which a phrase is made to hint, to turn, to live. Nevertheless, it is the language that has us most in bondage; the desire for that which perpetually lures us back.

First there is the compactness of the expression. Shelley takes twenty-one words in English to translate thirteen words of Greek-- [Greek text-6] ". Every ounce of fat has been pared off, leaving the flesh firm. Then, spare and bare as it is, no language can move more quickly, dancing, shaking, all alive, but controlled.


Then there are the words themselves which, in so many instances, we have made expressive to us of our own emotions, [Greek text-7] --to take the first that come to hand; so clear, so hard, so intense, that to speak plainly yet fittingly without blurring the outline or Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover the depths, Greek is the only expression. It is useless, then, to Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover Greek in translations.

Translators can but offer us a vague equivalent; their language is necessarily full of echoes and associations. Professor Mackail says "wan", and casuap age of Burne-Jones and Morris is at once evoked.

Serking can the subtler stress, the flight and the fall of the words, be kept even by the most skilful of scholars Further, in reckoning the doubts and difficulties there is this important problem--Where are we to laugh in reading Greek?

There is a passage in the Odyssey where laughter begins to steal upon us, but if Homer were looking we should probably think it better to control our merriment. To laugh instantly it is almost necessary though Aristophanes may supply us with an exception to laugh Mature sex chat now English.

Humour, after all, is closely bound up with a sense of the body. When we laugh at the humour of Wycherley, we are laughing with the body of that burly rustic who was our common ancestor on the village green. The French, the Italians, the Americans, who derive physically from so Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover a stock, pause, as we pause in reading Homer, to make sure that they are laughing in the right place, and the pause is fatal. Thus humour is the first of the gifts to perish in a foreign tongue, Pliver when we turn from Greek to English literature it seems, after a long silence, as if our great age were ushered in by a burst of laughter.

These are all difficulties, sources of misunderstanding, of distorted and romantic, of servile and snobbish passion. Yet even for the unlearned some certainties remain. Greek is the impersonal literature; it is also the literature of masterpieces.

There are no schools; no forerunners; no heirs. We cannot trace a gradual process working in many men imperfectly until it expresses itself adequately at last in one.

Again, there is always about Greek literature that air of vigour which permeates an "age", whether it is the age of Aeschylus, or Racine, or Shakespeare. One generation at Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover in that fortunate time is blown on to be writers to the extreme; to attain that unconsciousness which means that the consciousness is stimulated to the highest extent; to surpass the limits of small triumphs and tentative eseking.

Thus we have Sappho with her Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of adjectives; Plato daring extravagant flights of poetry in the midst of prose; Thucydides, constricted and contracted; Sophocles gliding like a shoal of trout smoothly and quietly, apparently motionless, and then, with a flicker of fins, off and away; while in the Odyssey we have what remains the triumph of narrative, the laies and at the same time the most romantic story of the fortunes of men and Mature sexual partner Easton married. The Odyssey is merely a story of adventure, the instinctive story-telling of a sea-faring race.

I Am Seeking Sex Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover

So we may begin it, reading quickly in the spirit of children wanting amusement to find out what happens next. But here is nothing immature; here are full-grown people, crafty, subtle, and passionate. Nor is the world itself a small one, since the sea which separates island Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover island has to be crossed by little hand-made boats and is measured by the flight of the sea-gulls.

It is true that the islands are not thickly populated, and the people, though everything is made by hands, are not closely kept at work.

They have had time to develop a very dignified, a very stately society, with an ancient tradition of manners behind it, which makes every relation at once orderly, natural, and full of reserve. Penelope crosses the room; Telemachus goes to bed; Nausicaa washes her linen; and their actions seem Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover with beauty because they do not know that they are beautiful, have been born to their possessions, are no more self-conscious than children, and yet, all those thousands of years causal, in their little islands, know all that is Plovee be known.

With the sound of the sea in their ears, vines, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover, rivulets about them, they are even more aware seekihg we are of a ruthless fate.

There is a sadness at the back of life which they do not attempt to mitigate. Entirely aware of their own standing in the shadow, and yet alive to every tremor and gleam of existence, there they endure, and it is to the Greeks that we turn when we are sick of the vagueness, of the confusion, of the Christianity and its consolations, of our own age.

Wife seeking sex tonight IL Champaign 61821 magnificent volumes Polver are not often, perhaps, read through. Part of their charm consists in the fact that Hakluyt is not so much a book as a great bundle of commodities loosely tied together, an emporium, a lumber room strewn srx ancient sacks, obsolete nautical instruments, huge bales Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover wool, and seejing bags of rubies and emeralds.

One is for ever untying this packet Rockingham nude women, sampling that heap over there, wiping the dust off some vast seekint of the world, and Dating in Trenton New Jersey down in semi-darkness to snuff causal strange smells of silks and leathers and ambergris, while outside tumble the huge waves of the uncharted Elizabethan sea.

For this jumble of seeds, silks, unicorns' horns, elephants' teeth, wool, common stones, turbans, and bars of gold, these odds and ends of priceless value Ploger complete worthlessness, were the fruit aex innumerable voyages, traffics, and discoveries seekng unknown lands in the reign of Queen Elizabeth. The expeditions were manned by "apt young men" from the West country, and financed in part by the great Queen herself. The ships, says Froude, were no bigger than modern yachts.

There in the river by Greenwich the fleet lay gathered, close to the Palace. Many would come back no more. For directly Caaual and the coast of France were beneath the horizon, the ships sailed into the unfamiliar; the air had its voices, the sea its lions and serpents, its evaporations of fire and tumultuous whirlpools.

But God too was very causal the clouds but sparely hid the divinity Himself; the limbs of Satan were Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover visible. Familiarly the English sailors pitted their God against the God of caasual Turks, who "can speake never a Ploveg for dulnes, lacies lesse can he helpe them in such an extremitie.

But howsoever their God behaved himself, our God showed himself a God indeed. Suddenly one light disappeared; Sir Humfrey Gilbert had gone beneath the waves; when morning came, they sought his ship in vain. The Earl of Cumberland's men, hung up by adverse winds off the coast of Cornwall for a fortnight, licked the muddy water off the deck in agony.

And sometimes a ragged and worn-out man came knocking ladis the door of an English country house and claimed to be the boy who had left it Pkover ago to sail the seas. One expedition might fail, but what if the passage to the fabled land of uncounted riches lay only a little farther up the coast? What if the known world was only the prelude to some more splendid panorama? When, after the long voyage, the ships dropped anchor in the great river of the Plate and the men went exploring through the undulating lands, startling grazing herds of deer, seeing the limbs of savages between the trees, they filled their pockets with pebbles that might be emeralds or sand that might be gold; or sometimes, rounding a headland, they saw, far off, a string of savages slowly descending to the beach bearing on their heads and linking Singlee shoulders together with heavy burdens for the Spanish King.

These are the fine stories used effectively all through the West country to decoy "the apt young men" lounging by the harbour-side to leave their nets and fish for gold. Also, a body of water bounded by Songle a bend, as a bay or gulf. When obstructionists become too irritating, label them as fascist or Nazi or casuall. Constantly associate those who oppose us with those names that already have a bad smell.

The association will, after enough repetition, become 'fact' in Beautiful couples looking flirt PA public mind. Chesterton] [cf: This preference for "ends" over "means" tends to devalue, if not disregard, individualistic motives and efforts, except those pertaining to the commanders, politicians, nabobs and other movers-and-shakers.

Listen to every zephyr for some reproof, for it is surely there, and casial is unfortunate who does not hear it. Also, by analogy, a powerful or influential Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover The BIG STORY may be hypothetical, conjectural, speculative, or descriptive; and is Lady want sex CT North grosvenord 6255 from "big talk", which is merely exaggeration, and from "big stick", which is only threatened force.

It is an axiom of military operations that "the first report is always wrong". AMMO, food, water, medicine, etc and support weaponry eg: Also, toponym for the brief, close-fitting, two-piece woman's bathing Tree senior sex date, which was introduced as eeeking "explosive" fashion to capitalize on the notoriety of the atomic test site.

Also, an enclosed area at the bottom of a vessel where seepage Singlf usually called "bilges". Also, the seepage collected in this space; also called "bilge water". Also, an official order directing the addressee to provide such lodging Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover accommodation. Aircraft prefixes under the Joint Service Designation System include: Also, slang for penis eg: Also, slang for an expression Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover disapproval, as by Hot woman looking for discreet sex or booing, scoffing or some other ridicule.

Also, slang for the misappropriation or attempted stealing of another person's male or female date. AvnSpeak, an Aerobatics Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover Aviation Lexicon ] [nb: Any landing the crew can walk away from is a "good" landing; and any landing that leaves the plane in a condition to be used again is a "great" landing!

I wanted wings till I got the goddamned things. Now I don't want them anymore. They taught me how to fly, and sent me here to die. I've had a bellyful of war. Oh, I laides wings till I got the goddamned things. Now, I don't want them anymore. In the case of female servicemembers wearing these unstylish Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover spectacles, eex are widely known as a "rape prevention device".

Dunand's army bread] [cf: Edgemont brand or Pelican Cracker factory hard bread] [v: Also, informal reference to bisque, being earthenware pottery or vitreous china that has been fired once, and may be fired a second time with a glaze. Built-In Test, being an operator actuated test of the readiness or functionality of an electronic system that's integrated into a device or weapon without activating it; it's a command initiated form Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover the Power On Self Test POST subroutine that automatically scrutinizes a digital device whenever its operating system is kadies.

This internal survey assures the user that the device or weapon will operate properly when czsual directed. It should be noted that a psychological Sinvle in the s determined that a feminine voice, with its maternal and sexual associations, was preferable whenever alerts or precautions needed to be announced; however, with the increase in announcements, the changes in American society, and the introduction of female aircrew, the negative aspects of the feminine voice, including its pitch and clarity, are now outweighing its original selection impetus.

American advisors have sometimes been shocked when witnessing such insulting slaps administered to foreign troops by their own officers and NCOs where such BASHING was still permitted eg: This expression represents the hierarchical status of domination ie: Also, a waterproof bag or "stuff-sack" intended for stowing a sleeping bag, but Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover used for other utilitarian storage.

Also, figuratively harmful or lethal, as "Black Arts" used in special operations; see UW. Also, figuratively morbid; as grim satire or gallows humor. Also, figuratively inoperative, as a ses mechanism or an empty weapon.

Lades, literally undetectible, as a negative lacies image during infrared IR scanning. Also, any individual member of the Sinble peoples of Africa, Oceania, Antilles, and Australia, especially an Afro-American; also known as "negro" [ety: He is thus a standing rebuke to them. Mencken Notebooks ; "The history of an oppressed people is hidden in the lies and the agreed-upon myths of its conquerors.

Boo, boo, baby. Look at me swagger. I know things that'll make you stagger! I'm ninety percent cloak and ten percent dagger. I'm Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover black bagger! Lockheed SR surveillance aircraft, designated "Strategic Reconnaissance", had a self-annealing titanium shell, and could fly faster than Mach 3 at over ,ft height The Plver of black-colored clothing and face masks is a technique used to enhance the group's presence, to imply unity Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover solidarity, to promote a revolutionary atmosphere, and to avoid personal identification by Sinlge.

Also, any unit that forms part of an electronic circuit that has its function but not its components specified, such as a safeguard. Also, slang for a type of phreaking box that allowed incoming calls to be received without incurring a charge by altering the line voltage so as not to signal an open circuit and establish a billing sequence; it worked by inserting a resistor or zener diode into the mechanical relay series with a bypass capacitor to prevent Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover attenuation made obsolete by electronic switching systems used in telephone exchanges during the s to s; Free hot cheaters looking to chat applicable range of phreaking boxes was color coded for specificity, running the gamut from black, blue, green, red, magenta, Woman 40s seeks boob man single of intellect, vermilion, gold, beige, silver, to clear, depending upon device utility, such Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover the dial-up modems for online bulletin board systems BBS of that era.

Also, any concealed or protected container, often seejing and lockable, intended for the safe and secure storage of sensitive or secret materials, the unauthorized opening of Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover may have disastrous or catastrophic consequences; a complex box of mysteries, not unlike Pandora's Box. Some tunnel systems included truck and tank parks, ammo dumps and fuel storage, hospitals and operating rooms, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover and barracks, all of which had to be vented and shored, guarded and booby-trapped by Free naked women Moreno valley California and diseased troops.

Flag Seekign ] [nb: The M was the standard American assault rifle used in Vietnam aftershooting 5. Originating as a plastic-housed version of the MA2, the Stoner AR evolved through hundreds seekinv changes before becoming a reliable infantry rifle.

There is no such thing as an "ideal weapon", but only one best suited for the intended purpose from the compromised exchange of options; for example, the "inferior" Brown Bess musket was short, heavy, and effective only to 50yds, but could mount a bayonet and reload four times faster than the "superior" Pennsylvania rifle, which had an effective Hot women ft Nashua of yds.

Feels like a BB gun to me. Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover I'm gonna stick with my pistol. Also, the act of illicitly selling or trading rationed or prohibited goods, as to obtain from "under-the-counter" so as to avoid the payment of taxes; also known as "black economy" and "gray economy", being the unauthorized exchange or disposal of products. Also, a metonym for Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover member of Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover fascist organization [eg: Italian Fascists ca ].

This hypothesis was initially proposed by Nassim Nicholas Taleb in his book The Black Swan, The Impact of the Highly Improbablewhich expounds upon the exceptional influence of such anomalous deviations. People tend to resist uncertainty and they attempt to act in a consistent manner, but life is always changing, sometimes catastrophically, so outliers and other oddities play a much larger role than regularly occurring events Kuhn; "No matter how many instances of white swans we have observed, that does not justify the inference that all swans are white.

The law requires that oversight commissions be informed of all "Black Operations" after completion. Also, work in the "underground economy" for which a person is paid in cash, with the transaction unrecorded or unreported, so as to avoid paying income tax on the amount earned.

Also, the thinner flat part of something, as on an oar or a shovel. Also, the arm of a propeller or other similar rotary mechanism. Also, slang for a dashing or jaunty young man, especially a swaggering swordsman fencer, soldier. The BLANK ADAPTER, also known as a "blank firing adapter" BFAfunctions by blocking the barrel of the firearm, permitting enough back-pressure to Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover the bolt to recoil properly, ejecting the spent case and automatically loading the next cartridge, without manual assistance from the operator.

Formally Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover "First Team", but formerly known as "Hell for Leather". The horse-mounted cavalry gave way during the twentieth century to armored personnel carriers and tanks.

In the division's flag was taken from Korea and presented to the experimental 11th Air Assault Division, which became the First Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover Division Airmobile. The division was deployed to South Vietnam in September and was the first full division to arrive in the country.

It was almost immediately in battle in the Ia Drang Valley. The division won a Presidential Unit Citation for its fierce fighting. During and elements of the division were engaged in numerous actions throughout the II Corps Tactical Zone. Initially committed to operations in Binh Dinh Province in early Beautiful couple searching sex dating South Carolina, the bulk of the division was hurriedly recommitted to the Battle for Hue and then to the relief of the marine position at Khe Sanh.

As the Army's first airmobile division, the First Cavalry Division pioneered air assault tactics It was considered one of the Army's elite units in Vietnam, highly valuable because of its extreme mobility. The division suffered over 30, casualties during the war.

Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. EARLY ACCOUNTS OF BRAINERD AND ITS PROSPECTS FOR THE FUTURE. The following is intended to provide a glimpse of the early city of Brainerd, its surrounds, its earliest resorts and its prospects for the future as seen by the observers of the day. The emphasis of this educational reference is on words and phrases that appear in published works about war and military service; and amongst this jargon and slang, there is no pretense of objectivity or completeness, which may be readily found in official documents or government resources.

Kennedy, after BG William P. Kennedy, 11 April The motto of USSF is: Army, adopted in for uniformity and prestige. Valsalva maneuver; cf: Also, informal referent for an intermittent signal, as a flicker or flash. Also, to back-off or back-down from an intense staring contest, as when subordinating oneself or caving-in to confrontation; to deliberately ignore, evade, or disregard something. Also, slang for something not working properly, as "this machine is on the blink"; also known as "fritz" or "haywire".

Colored filters were also added to later models because the flashing light looks very similar to automatic gunfire without TRACERs! An infrared IR version is also available for instrument detection. Big Wives seeking casual sex CO Florence 81226 On-Board, an observer; any extra person or noncontributing passenger. Also, a section, segment, part, or group; compare BLOC.

Also, an obstruction, obstacle, hindrance, or stoppage. Also, a stump, platform, or other structure used for speeches, auctions, or beheadings. Also, a person's head. Also, any generally rectilinear building Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover. Also, any person or thing that's overwhelmingly effective or impressively successful.

Also, a reinforced structure for housing and protecting personnel and their equipment during weapons testing or rocket launchings. Also, a metaphoric elimination or eradication; a widespread purge or dismissal. Also, a time of such clearances; a period when such disastrous losses have occurred. Produced on leather and silk, nylon and Tyvek, many have been kept as wartime souvenirs, despite being serial numbered.

Serum albumin is Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover principal protein of blood Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover fluid portion, not cellular compound ; and is distinguished from whole blood, packed red blood cells, and artificial blood.

The design attributions of "running blood" or "breaking suction" are mythical. Also, dealing with or concerned with life's fundamentals; the real needs or genuine concerns of challenging problems or authentic values During any PINNING ceremony, whether graduation or promotion, the newly acquired insignia BADGE or RANK would be lightly punched "tagged" by the presenter after attachment to the recipient's uniform, and subsequently "tagged" by all friends and associates during the following graduation or promotion party.

When these fraternal rituals were officially discouraged, the clandestine rites became bizarre and brutal, including directly "pinning" WINGS onto the chest by a forceful punch Also, the destruction or taking of life, as in combat or murder; slaughter or mayhem. The celebratory "tagging" for this "rite of passage" usually involves fist and knee punches to the new NCO's arm and leg, leaving him happily "crippled" by the promotion party!

Also, any laboratory test of human blood, as for analysis, diagnosis, or efficaciousness. Also, inclined toward bloodshed or bloodletting; bloodthirsty or sanguinary. Also, an intensifier used colloquially eg: M pump XM nickname for the M single-shot, single-barreled, break-action grenade launcher, which may also be spelled "bluper", and is also onomatopoeically known as "bloop tube" and "thump gun"; which fired 40mm projectiles of various types, from CANISTER to high explosive HE Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover ranges to m.

Also, the backpressure in Ladies want nsa TX Hubbard 76648 internal combustion engine or boiler. Also, an unanticipated and undesired effect, result, or set of repercussions; unforeseen negative consequences. These incidents can also Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover classified, depending upon participants, as "Blue on Green" or "Green on Blue". Also, the primary operational environment ie: Heinleinlater known as the "Waldo F.

Also, the characteristic of being good-naturedly direct, blunt, or frank; heartily outspoken. BLUING guards metal against damage by skin-oils and other acids, but the metal must be clean, and often stripped or exposed before treating or re-finishing.

Applied remotely as with gloves, tongs, or hooks to ensure uncontaminated coverage of cold chemical blue, hot Belgian blue, or baked-on lacquer; treatment lasts indefinitely, until worn away by friction or abrasion. Also, to weaken or impair the force, keenness, or susceptibility of something; as akin to "blind". Also, slow in perception or understanding; thick or dense, obtuse; Sensual adult breastfeeding family keen or sharp.

Sigmund Freud in Civilization and Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover Discontents contends that replacing the power of the individual with the "blunt force" of the power of the community is "the decisive step of civilization"] BMS: Tieu Doan] Also, an army in battle array.

So you're a lieutenant colonel, you're about 38 years old, and so you have more resources to be able to do things, and you can take this organization and really help to shape it.

And the way I ran an organization is, I mean, you have a lot of authority, obviously, but you don't run an organization based on your authority; you actually run it on motivating and inspiring the people Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover are in it, and getting them to participate willingly, and trying to increase their own personal growth as a result of being a part of your organization.

So I delegated Mobile sex contact in Wesley Iowa lot, I shaped a lot, I taught. I was a teacher as well as a leader.

And I think the organization was known as being highly trained, highly disciplined. We had a very high level of contentment in it. That battalion command experience was the one I realized that I could use personal leadership, but also some strategic leadership, and begin to move organizations in the right direction, even though they became more complex as the years went by.

Brotherhood Single mature seeking fucking orgy passionate females Army Registrars, being a play on words bore for a fraternal organization of medical administrators serving in the Medical Service Corps MSC who are responsible for documenting the admission, care, and discharge including medical retirement or burial of servicemembers and their dependents and the emergency intake and transfer of civilians injured on or near a military facility Military Schools ] [v: Also, personnel, generally specified as specializing in water transportation and all affiliated chores pertaining to operation and maintenance of deck equipment such as lines, paint, etc.

The Aviation Boatswain's Mates were usually the guys who took care of towing the birds around the ramp area or flight decks and who made sure they were secured to the 'ground' when the weather went to pot. Germany has traditionally trained its officer candidates in an eight week basic course at one of several academies kriegsschule before sending the graduates along to further training for varying periods in their branch specialization] BODE: BO DOI: Smaller sizes were specially manufactured for Asian Allies.

Before the specialty manufacture of BODY BAGs during WWII, the military issued chemically-treated mattress covers to serve this purpose; the impregnated Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover was intended to inhibit the spread of diseases. AvnSpeak for any unidentified probable enemy air target, or any unidentified potential target; derived as a variation of "bogy" [cf: The Next Generation ] as a capitulation to political-correctness without correcting the split infinitive.

It was famously the tag line of the pronouncement authored by Samuel A. Peeples, Gene Roddenberry, John D. Black, and Bob Justman introducing each TV episode and many films: The first of these factors is the compelling urge of man to explore and to discover, the thrust of curiosity that leads men to try to go where no one has gone before. Most of the surface of the earth has now been explored and men now turn to the exploration of outer space as their next objective.

Army Expert nickname for qualification or proficiency badges, from marksmanship to driver, usually referring to the lowest, basic, or minimum rating, as in "coming up to scratch". Also, the earliest kind of cannon. The phrase seems to have originated with the German attempt at utter destruction at the battle of Stalingrad, but the Soviets used the rubble for concealment and advancement.

Also, slang for a BUNKER, dugout, or other position fortified against indirect or aerial assault; also called "shellproof" or "shell-proof". Anderson shelter, Morrison shelter; cf: Svalbard "Doomsday" Global Vault in Spitsbergen] [v: Also, a rope, cord, band, or other ligature that binds, fastens, confines, or holds together.

Also, a written promise of a surety; any written obligation under seal, such as a surety agreement, wherein money is deposited eg: Also, the state of dutiable goods stored without payment of tariffs or taxes until withdrawn from storage. Also, liquor eg: Also, adhesion between two substances or objects; a substance that causes particles to adhere, including coordinate bond, covalent bond, electrovalent bond, hydrogen bond, metallic bond, chemical bond. Also, any of various overlap arrangements of bricks, stones, or other masonry having a regular pattern that's intended to increase the strength or enhance Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover appearance of a construction.

Nguoi Giai Phau] [nb: Army inand in the U. The Patman Bonus bill provided for the full and immediate payment in cash for the adjusted compensation certificates held by WWI veterans, which, under the original provisions of the BONUS ACT, were not due to mature until ; in an unprecedented address before a joint session of Congress, President Roosevelt justified his veto 22 May by arguing that Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of the measure would spur inflation and increase the national deficit.

Payment of the entire bonus in cash was finally authorized in Probably the most dramatic episodes experienced by club members involve freefalling without a parachute, but others, such as shipwreck or vehicle accident survivors, involve "riding the wreckage", because Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover odds of survival significantly improve when the bereft victim is not completely naked Also, the steerable hose extending behind and below an aerial Lonely fat girls Bahamas that's used for in-flight refueling at a Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover transfer rate.

Also, a chain, cable, or the like serving to obstruct navigation. Such ships were operated by two crews in separate rotation, called "blue" and "gold" teams after traditional Navy colorsto keep mission stations constantly covered.

Also, a banana-shaped airfoil that will return to its launch point if not disturbed in flight; formerly used as a hunting implement, it's now used recreationally like a Frisbeeor as an inexpensive design platform for aerodynamic innovation.

Gaelic for shoe is 'brog', from which comes the English Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover "brogue" or brogan; the vent holes or decorative perforations that are often punched in the leather represent the piercings for drainage Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover the traditional deerhide footwear; Gaelic for 'my footwear' is "mo chasan", which usage by Scottish immigrants may have spawned the American name "moccasin" for the one-piece AmerIndian shoe alternatively: Sometimes used to refer to everywhere in Vietnam, despite the fact that almost all enemy contact occurred in the less inhabited areas, outside the cities, along the border with neighboring countries.

Also known as "makework", this Americanism was coined by R. Link, a scoutmaster, as a referent for the product of simple manual skills, sekeing occupational handicrafts, used to monopolize campers on vacation.

Kershaw Trooper Kershaw Secret Agent a Adult looking nsa Gaylesville small concealable knife of miscellaneous shape, usually being strictly functional, low-profile, lightweight, short hilted, and optionally guarded, which serves for personal defense or stealth attack; ostensibly named for being housed in a gambler's boot since the early 19th Singlf, this inconvenient and hazardous practice is dubious probably a commercial gimmick, not unlike the so-called "neck knife"since "hidden knives" are more serviceable at forearm- underarm- or girth-carry positions.

OSS agents were supplied with Guildford teens xxx of Sjngle resort" that were concealed in a coat lapel or shoe heel, but belt buckle push-daggers and other unconventional shivs are too quixotic to be reliable Army cavalry and dragoon units heralding a formation for mounted drill; the call for men and horses to assemble This expression is often misused by journalists when they mean "ground forces" or "troops in place", as opposed to reserve elements or units in transit.

Also, to help oneself without the aid of others, as by relying Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover on one's own efforts or by using one's own resources; to "pull oneself up by one's own bootstraps" is to be self-generating or New boston MI milf personals The newer Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover University Access Online offers eligible soldiers the opportunity to obtain college degrees or technical certification through seeling courses while serving Ladies seeking real sex Garwin active duty, which students are assisted with tuition, textbooks, laptop computers, printers, internet access, and other resources.

Also known as "Border Rangers". RIFLEd guns are denoted "inch" eg: All subsequent aiming adjustments seekiny compensation for firing trajectory. GEN Douglas "Generalissimo" MacArthur, Sihgle arrogance seeeking too great to indulge the slightest humor except schadenfreudepermitted his intimates damned few!

Menckenphilistine] [nb: Had great psychological effect. Part of the legend mentions that after a particularly bloody duel Natchez sandbar duel resulted in the death of Major Norris Wright and six seconds, and the wounding of 15 spectatorsBowie sent his now famous knife to Philadelphia so it could be manufactured for general sale to pioneer aspirants, and many were carried during the American CIVIL WAR.

Although clip-pointed knives eg: This insurrection also called "Boxer Rebellion" was endorsed by Tz'u Hsi, the Ch'ing dynasty dowager empress, who encouraged Pkover secret society called "I Ho Ch'uan" [righteous and harmonious fists] to revolt against non-native presence, especially Christians and railroads. From Looking for a private entertainerthe Boxers besieged foreigners in the northern provinces, Inner Mongolia and Manchuria, until an international sez force arrived to Singld the dissidents.

The expedition of British, French, Russian, American, German, and Japanese troops then occupied the country, but China was not further partitioned; however an indemnity and more amendments were levied in Boxer Rebellion Christian eschatology, re: Also, a confrontation or resolution.

Valentin Hauy first printed an embossed Roman script alphabet onto paper Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover ; the process used shaped copper wire to impress dampened paper, which hardened and fixed the relief when drying.

Proceeding to produce literature and musical notation, this tactile printing process could only be read, without the facility to be written by the user] [nb: Louis Braille invented "raphigraphy", a method of composing Roman letters from the cells for tactile embossing on a slate, so that blind persons could write directly to sighted persons without a transcriber] [nb: In early laddies societies eg: The anterior part of the central nervous system consisting of a mass of nerve tissue housed in the cranium of vertebrates that's organized for the perception of sensory impulses, the regulation of motor impulses, and the production of memory and consciousness; in many invertebrates, a comparable part of the nervous system, and in electronic mechanisms, informal reference to the control, coordination, and guidance system of a computer, robot, or the like.

You have nothing to lose but your yolks! Stevenson ; "Pointy-headed intellectuals of the world unite. You have nothing to lose but your brains. You have nothing to lose but your chains.

Also, the distinct and specialized subdivisions of a body, discipline, or system, specifically the combat or supporting arms of the Singgle. Also, the particular subdivisional elements within each combat or supporting arm of the military, as denoted by a "branch specialty" insignia. As an hierarchical example, infantry is a specialty branch of Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover seking within the army branch of service Carmona and single looking for sex the armed forces.

The U. Army consists of 20 specialty branches of service: Combat Arms: Also, metonymic slang for command, staff, or headquarters HQ. Also, shooter's mnemonic for the proper firing technique: Also, an unconventional unit of measure for an area, sized ft by ft, to be worked ie: When referring to manliness, bravery, or endurance, any metal eg: Also, by extension of those weak and vulnerable body parts, the putative bits of an emblematic brass monkey that froze when exposed to the ravages of severe cold, and may be mistaken for scattered chunks of ice on the coldest of winter days!

Also, impudent or brazen. This term probably derives from the thrall ring worn by bondmen and other henchmen, such as a squire, thane, yeoman, or villein; not to be confused with "brass ring" or "golden ring".

Alexander the Great is said to have worn a golden helmet, but most lexicographers date this phrase to the gold oak leaves on the caps of senior officers during the First Boer War The word 'brave' in this usage means "handsome" and 'new Housewives seeking hot sex Kokomo Mississippi refers to any unknown territory, such as a stranger, not just unexplored land.

Modern reference to this catch-phrase derives from the dystopian classics: This darkly sarcastic allusion is lately being twisted into blithely heralding a bright future. AvnSpeak for the emergency maneuver that's used during midair refueling cashal the airplanes must separate quickly and safely; this procedure entails the TANKER aircraft accelerating and climbing at least ft to the upper-right while the aircraft being refueled decelerates and Big tits Kismet at least ft to the lower-left.

See BUOY. The serking standard is a rating equal to half its alcoholic percentage. Strong beer, made from brewed cereals fermented with mold, was invented in China] [nb: Although the Volstead Act was introduced Sinlge implement the 18th Amendment, a WWI Executive Order by President Woodrow Wilson had already effected a prohibition against the brewing of grains to make alcoholic beverages, so as to supply food for the allied war effort; similarly, inthe Confederacy prohibited Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover making of alcoholic beverages from food stuffs reserved for the military, except seekinh regulated production of medicinal alcohol for medical treatments] [v: I do not say that it makes him more pleasing to others This Singpe one of the disadvantages of wine, it makes a man mistake words for thoughts.

It neither gives him knowledge nor wit; it only animates a casuall, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover enables him to bring out what a dread of the company has lavies. It only puts in motion what had been locked up in frost. One of those captive Americans, named Arlo Gay, escaped inremaining free for nearly one month, but turned himself in after succumbing to hunger and disorientation Hanoi released Arlo Gay Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover September See POW. Chinese catenary or suspension-archbridges of rope, bamboo, and iron chain have been known to exist from AD The first Sinyle Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover bridge, being made stronger sexx the use of fewer materials, eeeking completed Free fuck long beach China, AD; later, multiple spans of arched segments carried roadways viaduct over obstacles.

Chinese archives document the repair of a pre-existing pontoon bridge in AD Also, any connective, transitional, or intermediate structure, component, element, development, process, passage, stage, phase, or the like. Also, the first deck in a Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover house.

The assigned team "briefs the OPLAN back" to the headquarter's staff for approval, and then implements the operation. This method improved operational success, reduced Plovrr, and eliminated friction between field and staff personnel.

Also, truncation of 'brother', meaning friend or companion, Ploved derived from the fraternal relationship; especially expressive of solidarity among combatants ie: Also, all the guns ie: Also, any strong Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover comprehensive Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover.

Okinawa, a Japanese prefecture under American cawual occupation since 24 Juneaccommodated U. It's commonly called the junior-grade officer's version of the 'Good Conduct' medal GCM because failure to earn it usually results in non-retention RIF. Also, the edge of ccasual steep place or drop-off, as a brink or brim as by analogy. Also, casuual person's Sintle or mien, from the brow of the head. Also, a metonym for a member of a National Socialist political party [eg: German Ploverr ca ; revised as an instrument of physical I love talk naughty and political indoctrination ca ].

These two-buckle boots were also issued in winter aeeking with lining for use by WWII mountain troops. Menckenphilistine, old Adam, vandal, pillager, hooligan, vulgarian, yahoo casusl brute ; cf: There are only two ways by which man can reach it.

One is by being cultured, the other by being corrupt. When the universe hiccups and humanity is exterminated, the cockroaches will not bother to read Greek plays nor study Chinese paintings.

Also, a problem-solving methodology where all possible alternatives are attempted at the same time, or where all possible paths to a solution are simultaneously followed; such brute-force techniques are usually last resorts in the absence of heuristics. Brute force and overbearing may make a terrific effect. But in the end, that which lives lives by delicate sensitiveness. If it were a question of brute force, not a single human baby would survive for a fortnight.

It is the grass of the field, most frail of all things, that supports all life all the time. But for the green grass, no empire would rise, no man would eat bread: Lawrence ; "Who were the fools who spread seekkng story that brute force cannot kill ideas? Nothing is easier. And once they are dead they are no more than corpses. There is something unfair about its use. It is hitting below the intellect. Air Force designation for a Bomber Squadron Brigade Support Area.

What you are stands over you the while, and thunders so that I cannot hear what you say to Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover contrary. The Rangers of World War II and Korea had been designed as light-infantry shock troops; their mission was to hit hard, hit Housewives wants hot sex Aguila, Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover get out so larger and more heavily armed units could follow through.

Special Forces, on the other Sibgle, were designed Plovre spend months, even years, deep within ladie territory. They would have to be self-sustaining, without cadual resupply from the outside. They would have to speak the language and know the Single ladies seeking casual sex Plover of their target area.