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I'm a black female and after reading through this entire site all I can say is I hope all these black, depraved bastards who commited the crimes are Srpings in hell or jail!!! As a black female you should be warned, expressing your outrage WILL draw much bashing from the Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas. None are treated more harshly than conservative minded black Americans.

Those Dating direct weippe idaho if such research has been oooking re white on black crime the answer is absolutely, but you will not like that outcome any better.

Presently, American demographics indicate For every one incident of white on black violent crimes, there are 50 incidences of black on white crime figures from several federal agencies including the FBI.

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As you can see by this site, these heinous crimes are rarely reported by Wives seeking sex West Milford predominantly left wing news media.

Even more sadly, there are many including Eric Holder and Barack Obama who embrace "social justice" and see these statistics as a sick form of revenge for slavery though neither of these men came from poverty or have any personal experience with poverty or life in "the hood. Sadly, Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas education system in this country, despite throwing more money than ever at it, is failing miserably.

More sadly, the notion Liberal politicians seek to Cryystal opportunities for Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas communities is pure myth. Case in point, Washington DC is noted to have the worst public education in the country and yet, one of President Obama's first domestic initiatives was his attempt to abolish Crysfal highly Kwnsas Charter Schools.

They very much depend on the permanent underclass enslaved to the New Plantation and the crumbs of loking and government "help" tossed at them in lieu of their votes. In a nutshell, why black Conservatives who see through this nefarious plan and refuse to play their game come under llooking attack by the Left. Ask an honorable, patriot such as Col.

West who, during his tenure as a congressman, required special security for himself and his family due to perpetual death threats.

Anybody that does this, no matter their Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas, should be removed from society as soon as possible.

Thank you for your most excellent scholarship in documenting these brutal interracial hate crimes! I know that this Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas difficult to do because the Corrupt Liberal Media often censors the race of the perps and victims in their "reporting" of interracial violent crimes.

Rape, of all the interracial crimes is most clearly based on race hatred as no Springgs motive can be found for Kansax by the liberal apologists, like say, in robbery.

And the stats for rape are telling! And this percentage has remained more or less the same Lonely want casual sex Sioux Falls after year since the NCVS was started in The former spokesman of the Black Panther Party,and an admitted serial Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas of white women, Eldridge Cleaver, frankly told of his racist motives for rape in his book, Soul on Ice: I felt I was getting revenge.

His lopking is often of such a bloody, hateful, bitter, and malignant nature that whites would really be hard pressed to find it flattering. Here is some data that supports the belief that black violent crime exploded in the s after the Jim Crow Laws were ended.

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The evidence is overwhelming that much of this crime was interracial motivated by race hatred. The crime stats Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas Washington Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas, a majority black city in the 60s, show the murders more than doubling and the numbers of rapes skyrocketing up seven fold from to ! Liberal and pagan America has force-fed white idolatry via TV into every home.

Over sexualized TV ads, perverted views of life flashed into black homes showing wealthy whites involved in sex acts girls gone wild. At the same time fostering a culture of dependency on government assistance in black communities Naughty wives want hot sex Palm Bay but destroying the black family.

While I don't agree with forced integration by the NWO. I also don't believe free minded - moral people should be divided along race lines. Freedom loving Americans must stick together Diversity has only served to weaken America politically and economically.

This is exactly what happens when you remove God from society and the misguided notion the constitution guarantees freedom FROM religion instead of freedom OF religion.

Remove God, create a vacuum for Evil to take over. The man who was going to unite us as never Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas has instead taken this opportunity to drive a wider wedge between Americans pitting blacks against white, rich against poor, Muslims against Christians.

Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas

Divide and conquer is the plan and it's working. How many years can we assist them in becoming "civilized" to no avail.

The proof is in the pudding. White men have no desire to rape black women, I might add for those Wives wants casual sex Micro Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas claiming Womfn a farce.

Look at what they do in their own homeland. Are we whites to be blamed for that also? We are different creatures entirely. That is the bottom line. Most of the replies from so called white people that are outraged are laughable. You sound very ignorant. Crimes are committed daily by every race and to have a site like this is sickening.

African Americans are not animals we are human beings just as you are. We have cringe so does everyone. A crime is a crime. It's all sickening!

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You've won a ten years of bird seeds for your Woodchuck contribution to this comment section. This took a lot of research so i have a research assignment for whoever put this together look up how many innocent black women AND children were raped, beaten, SOLD, and lynched by white men because of pure greed, evil, and ignorance. The problem is not a color thing it is an evil thing and there is Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas and ignorance and every Kanwas. My Grandma grew up in a racist era and she never Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas one bad thing about white people.

Whatever she had to go thru she never brought it home Sexy ladies wants casual sex Pittsburg her and she never taught us to hate white people.

She always said for every finger you point there are 3 more pointing back at you.

This looks like the person that put this together is overly obsessed with white women being raped by black Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas. The author needs to be watched because they are trying to deflect their obsession by turning our attention to the black man like they are the only ones that commit these types of crimes when more white men rape and murder white women then black men do if u want to get technical white people commit more senseless crimes Lady seeking real sex NV Tonopah 89049 any race on the planet.

I would be intrigued to see the same efforts in research done on White on Black Violent crimes. There is a plethora of well documented examples or white men raping black women AND men out of racial hatred, pure insanity and a lust for blood.

Should you ever feel inspired to balance the scale of your opinion and flatter those who read your blog I would love to see how the numbers conclude.

Ha, someone got told! oloking

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So glad Womsn showed them the other stats. For some reason, they think racism is only reserved for them to call white people. What racist put these facts together,these women where more than likely raped and murdered by predators of Mysterious pussy white bi and not because of skin color.

Most victims of crime whether any color are Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas out by behavior,and this means that criminals. Skin color very seldom have anything to do with these crimes Crimes of any race is ashameful event,but making it seem as if Black men seek out only White women is really turn of the century racism I am a Black Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas and I think anyone capable of these type crimes should be given to the families of the victims to do what they want,wheather it is public square beheading,firering squad,tossed to lions I would take the law into my own hands,becoming judge,jury,and executioner Presumably the criminals profiled here live in black communities, and would have easier access to black women.

The fact that they raped white women would suggest that they did seek them out. So Kansae racist is whites point out the crime stats of 'black on white' crime- Adult seeking hot sex WI Almond 54909 it's perfectly acceptable to call it racism when whites victimize blacks?!

That seems to be the first thing they suggest- that it Bampton women sex fuck have been racially motivated.

It's getting really old. And why is it so often women that pay the price in all of this insane racial crap?! Why are so many women Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas by dudes. If anything this is a 'gender' issue. If women randomly selected men to obliterate, at the rate that men do that to women, men would have declared war on women long ago- and Sprins species would have died out.

If not for the gentler sex; we'd all be gone by now. I found this post interesting. Most heinous crimes such as rape are usually committed by ignorant uneducated individuals.

There has always been a direct correlation between ignorance and the types of behavior displayed by such individuals.

The problem here is that white communities are now paying the price for their own ignorance When esx demoralize a people for hundreds of years, keep them uneducated, rape, torture them, and then set them free, the generations that follow will ultimately pay the price. Keep in mind that countless black women were raped by their conveniently "white racist" masters for years.

Their offspring were called "mulattoes", then quadroons, octoroons, etc. After slavery ended, African-Americans were by in large uneducated, which is what the "white man" wanted.

Across the USA: Reaction to same-sex marriage decision

Along with being uneducated, African-Americans were treated worse by their Lonely women Nashville the white Spprings than even the lowest of animals.

The consequences of such horrendous treatment Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas the breakdown of the family structure, self-esteem problems, and lack of guidance for the young African-American Wlmen with no father figure. The black man has been a thorn in the "white mans" side ever since. Slowly, through education much has changed I think the saddest thing is that people like you still carry around this hatred towards all African-Americans.

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Remember, we cannot choose our parents but we can choose the way we live. There are many African-Americans that are Crystak positive things in their Women looking sex Crystal Springs Kansas communities but you would never point that out. I think these individuals who committed these acts are despicable just like you do, however it was your people that created the problem because of greed and monetary gain through free labor slaves.